10 Fun and Affordable Dates in Hamilton County, Indiana

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Hamilton County, Indiana, isn’t just a suburban sprawl near Indianapolis; it’s a treasure trove of delightful and pocket-friendly date ideas. Whether you’re a local like me or just passing through, these fun and affordable dates in Hamilton County are sure to spark some romance without burning a hole in your wallet.

I like to think of these ideas not just as dates but as experiences, adventures waiting to unfold. They’re perfect for couples, but hey, who says you can’t have a mini adventure with your family? Most of these are my go-to’s when we are looking for something to do nearby.

So on the days when you don’t want to drive into the city – or if you are just enjoying a weekend getaway in Hamilton County, check them out. From delicious bites to eat to amazing drinks to fun activities, you’ll find the perfect outing for your next date night in Hamilton County!

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Donuts and coffee on a picnic table in Ritchey Woods in Fishers Indiana

1. Donuts & coffee: a sweet start to the day

Stop by Rise ‘n Roll in Fishers and grab a couple of their decadent donuts and some fresh coffee. Then head over to Ritchey Woods Nature Preserve for an alfresco treat and walk. I recently visited the original Rise’n Roll in Middlebury and I would highly recommend selecting their special cinnamon caramel donuts (or donut bites) if they are available!

Although this date idea lends itself to an early morning date, it also could be a fun afternoon adventure (or even a great family outing) – just be prepared for a smaller donut selection. Cost $7 – $10 for two donuts and two cups of coffee. 

 Sushi at Chiba is one of my favorite fun and affordable dates in Hamilton County. Pictured here is a California sushi roll with soy sauce, wasabi and ginger.

2. Happy Hour Sushi

Chiba in Westfield is the BEST place to enjoy sushi and drinks, especially on Wednesday nights. We always sit outside when we visit Chiba as the atmosphere is wonderful, and there is plenty of outdoor seating. It might be a little cold in February, but you can bet we’ll be there on the first warm Wednesday in March.

On Wednesday nights from 4 until closing, you can partake in happy hour sushi prices as well as drink specials. It’s always a wonderful night out and if you stick to the happy hour menu, very affordable! $50ish for 3 happy hour sushi rolls, 2 bowls of miso soup, and 2 cocktails.

Chiba, 228 Park St. Westfield, IN

A cup of iced coffee from Noble coffee on a table with a view of the courthouse

3. Coffee and window shopping

Grab a warm Chai Tea Latte or delicious iced coffee at Noble Coffee & Tea and stroll downtown Noblesville. Noblesville is set up on a traditional square with a gorgeous courthouse and shops on three sides. It’s ideal for window shopping (and maybe a little bit of buying), and the Chai Latte at Noble Coffee is my all-time favorite – and I’ve tried a LOT of them.

Don’t forget to travel down the side streets as there are plenty of places to explore there too! With a wide variety of unique shops, you’ll be able to window shop for hours! $15 for two coffee drinks + tip.

Noble Coffee & Tea Company, 933 Logan St. Noblesville, IN

Pam in Kawachinagano Japanese gardens in Carmel Indiana

4. Pizza in the park

One of my favorite low-key dates is to grab a slice of pizza from Greek’s Pizzeria in Carmel (it’s one of the few places in the area where you can buy good pizza by the slice) and a couple of sodas and head over to a hidden gem, the Kawachinagano Japanese Gardens.

If it’s too cold to eat outside, munch on your pizza in the car and then bundle up for a walk around the park. It’s peaceful and beautiful! Two slices of cheese pizza with two fountain drinks + tip = $11.

Greek’s Pizzeria, 120 E. Main St. Carmel, IN

Dupont Indiana sign in Conner Prairie in Fishers, Indiana

5. Step Back in Time at Conner Prairie

If you have a free weekend day, a few hours spent at Conner Prairie is always a good time. Conner Prairie is a living history museum located in Fishers, Indiana. Many schools in the area visit for field trips, and it is a place I took our kids often when they were younger.

There is a large outdoor component that is perfect for exploring on a warmer day. Plus, although many people don’t know about it, there are some lovely hiking trails along the river. Be sure to check the hours as they change regularly, as do what parts of the grounds are open, but regardless of how much of it you can explore, it’s definitely worth a visit. Tickets range from $9 to $18 per person, so the total cost is $18 – $36.

Conner Prairie, 13400 Allisonville Rd. Fishers, IN

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A glass of wine at Urban Vines is a fun & affordable date night.

6. Wine & cheese at Urban Vines

One of our favorite dates in Hamilton County Indiana is to head over to Urban Vines or another local winery for a wine tasting. Alternatively, you can grab a glass of your favorite wine (or beer!), order a “make your own” charcuterie board, and find a secluded spot.

From Igloos (rent ahead) to picnic tables to fire pits, there are plenty of places to nibble your snacks and sip on your wine. Bring a deck of cards and play a few hands of gin rummy while you chill! Two glasses of wine, charcuterie board (price varies based upon what you order) = $35ish

Urban Vines Winery & Brewery, 303 E. 161st St. Westfield, IN

7. A Picnic at the Lake

A fun way to spend a winter evening is by enjoying a car picnic by Morse Reservoir. If the day has been sunny, try to time your visit to enjoy a sunset. Pick up a few kinds of cheese, some fruit, and a fresh baguette at Fresh Market or Fresh Thyme, grab a drink from home, and enjoy the view.

If it’s warm you can combine your picnic with a bit of kayaking in the reservoir, but even if it’s freezing cold outside you can stay warm and cozy just chilling in your car. A fun addition is this heated blanket I picked up at Christmas – you plug it in your car and it’s amazing for keeping you toasty! Snacks from the grocery and a drink from home = $20 or less easily!

Morse Reservoir, Cicero, Indiana

Enjoy a cocktail at Four Fingers Distillery for a fun & affordable date night.

8. Try a craft Cocktail

We often visit Four Fingers Distillery in Westfield for a fun, easy, and affordable date. They make amazing craft cocktails using local ingredients. Delicious! The cocktail menu changes seasonally, so it’s fun to try something new each time you visit, and often they have live music on the weekends or trivia or bingo on weeknights.

If the weather is decent, there is a nice outside patio with tables, heat lamps, and firepits, so grab a cocktail and head outside by the fire to relax. If it’s cold there is plenty of room indoors. They are pet-friendly, but kids aren’t allowed – it’s a 21+ establishment. Two cocktails + tip $25ish

Four Fingers Distillery, 120 Camilla Ct. Westfield, IN

🍸Pam’s insider tip: Four Fingers Distillery has another location in Fountain Square, and they are opening up a new location in Lebanon, Indiana.

9. Tee off at Topgolf

We are lucky enough to have a Topgolf in Fishers, and it’s a fantastic winter outing. You’ll have your own heated bay and can order food and drinks (or not) while you practice your golf swing.

It’s a pay-by-the-hour situation and can get pretty pricey if you visit on a weekend or evening, BUT if your schedule allows you can visit in the morning for a lot less.

Often they run deals too where bays are half price or $20 an hour – just keep checking the site to see what’s happening. So, if you wait for a deal you can easily play for an hour and order a few sodas for less than $30!

Topgolf, 9200 E. 116th St. Fishers, IN

Enjoy a Bica and biscoito at Bica's Cafe in Noblesville.

10. Relax and reconnect at a local cafe

Noblesville has a new cafe, Bica Cafe, which we’ve visited several times and really enjoyed. In addition to delicious high-quality coffee, they offer a case full of Portuguese and Italian-inspired sweet treats as well as lunch and brunch items.

For this fun & affordable date, grab two Bicas (or another drink if you prefer) and a few of the slightly sweet cookies to go with your drink called a biscoito, and then sit outside on the patio and people-watch. Two Bica’s and biscoito + tip $10.

Bica Cafe, 933 Conner St. Noblesville, IN

Where to Stay in Hamilton County Indiana

If you are visiting for the weekend, you’ll want to find that perfect base, and luckily Hamilton County has plenty of hotel options. If you like a standard chain hotel, I’d highly recommend either the Hyatt House in Fishers (within walking distance of Rise ‘n Roll) or the lovely newer Embassy Suites in Noblesville.

If you’ve saved so much money on your dates that you want to splurge on a hotel room, then the gorgeous, bougie Hotel Carmichael in downtown Carmel is the hotel for you!

Conclusion: Affordable Dates in Hamilton County Indiana

As we reach the end of our Hamilton County dating adventure, it’s clear that this suburb of Indianapolis is full of unique and budget-friendly date ideas. From the early morning delights of donuts in the park to cozy evenings with sushi or craft cocktails, these suggestions offer a blend of culinary treats, natural beauty, and cultural experiences. Whether you’re a couple seeking to rekindle the romance or a family looking for a fun day out, these ten ideas are perfect for creating lasting memories.

Remember, these aren’t just dates; they’re opportunities to explore, connect, and discover the hidden gems of Hamilton County. Each spot offers its own charm and story, waiting for you to be a part of it. So, pick your favorite, or better yet, try them all! Each experience promises to add a little more joy and a lot more adventure to your life.

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Are you looking for fun & affordable date ideas? These 10 I share in Hamilton County are perfect! Live somewhere else? Use them for inspiration in your own area! #datenights #dateideas #ouradventureiseverywhere
Are you looking for fun & affordable date ideas? These 10 I share in Hamilton County are perfect! Live somewhere else? Use them for inspiration in your own area! #datenights #dateideas #ouradventureiseverywhere