Fun Things to do in Vegas for $20 or less

10 Fun Things to do in Las Vegas for $20 or less!

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Las Vegas is always a fun place to visit – especially for a long weekend. However, I’ve noticed in the last few years that it’s no longer an inexpensive place. With all the beautiful luxury hotels and celebrity chefs, Las Vegas can be quite a pricey trip! Luckily, if you use a little creativity you can still find plenty of fun and affordable things to do in Las Vegas.

Ready for 10 of our favorite fun things to do in Las Vegas for $20 or less?

Check out the fountains at Caesers

Many of the hotels have gorgeous fountains, but the fountains at Caesers mall are extra special! Look for the fountain with the Atlantis Show sign, and if you time it right you’ll be in for a treat! The fountains “come alive” and put on a fun little show. Kids especially get a kick out of this one. Note that right now they are on a break due to COVID, but I’m sure they will be back soon! Total cost: FREE!

Watch the Atlantis show in Las Vegas for FREE

Breakfast for $3.99? Definitely in Vegas!

We often start our day by indulging in a tasty $3.99 breakfast at Blondies in the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood. For just $3.99 you can enjoy eggs, sausage or bacon, and potatoes or a loaded breakfast burrito. Even if you add a side of toast and coffee, the meal is under $10!

A big breakfast like this will often fill us up until Happy Hour! This restaurant also has delicious and affordable Bloody Mary’s for breakfast, so if you want to indulge you can still do it for well under $20 even with tip!. Total cost: $3.99 – $12.99

Enjoy breakfast in Las Vegas for well under $20

Relax a little at the pool

Since Las Vegas is often HOT (it was 114 on our last visit!), relaxing by the pool can be an excellent option. Plus, if you are poolside, you aren’t gambling!

We spend at least several mornings on our trips sitting by (or in) the pool reading a good book. Sometimes we’ll order a drink or bring in Starbucks, but even that can keep you under the $20 limit at most pools. Total cost: $0 – $20

Insider tip: get to the pool early to get the best seat selection. Many of the pools fill up quickly and I’ve found that if you can start the day in the shade you can stay out longer AND it’s better for your skin!

Most pools are FREE in Las Vegas

Have fun exploring with a monorail day!

On our trips, we always pick a day that we call monorail day. For $13 you can buy an all day monorail pass, and use it to visit quite a few casinos while cutting down on the walking.

It’s fun to hop on the monorail, take it to one end of the strip and work your way to the other end getting off and exploring at each stop. Combine this with some of the other ideas in this post and you’ll have a fun and inexpensive day! Total cost: $13.00

Explore on the monorail in Las Vegas

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Try a different type of gambling

Have you ever placed a bet on sports? A fun and cheap way to gamble a little is to place a bet or two on a sporting event at one of the sports books and then cheer on your team to win.

You don’t have to place a large bet – $10 is plenty to start with. Of course, it’s fun when you win, but even if you lose you’ve had the fun of taking a chance! Total cost: $10 – $20

Sports Book in Vegas

Try out some Happy Hours

Many of the nicer restaurants in Las Vegas have terrific Happy Hours. And if you enjoyed a later breakfast, Happy Hour is the perfect time to eat again. Most of them run Monday – Friday (although we’ve found a few on Sunday) and range sometime between 2 and 7. My suggestion is to keep your eyes peeled for signs as you wander around the strip – then you’ll have ideas of where to go and when.

One of our favorites is El Segundo Sol located outside the Fashion Mall. Their Happy Hour consists of tasty margaritas, chips, and salsa, nachos, and street tacos. Perfect for an early dinner. On our latest trip, I had a margarita and bottomless chips for $15 including tip! Total cost: $10 – $20

Admire the gardens and fountains

Several hotels have beautiful gardens and fountains – the Bellagio being the best known one. Take some time to wander through the Bellagio Gardens for sure. It’s free and it changes seasonally so there is always something new to admire. The Bellagio Fountains are also fun – they run regularly and are set to music. It’s fun to watch them day or night.

Bellagio Conservatory

Another lovely but less well-known resort to check out is the Wynn/Encore. Here you’ll find a smaller version of fountains set to music (but still quite lovely) and a beautiful indoor walkway filled with flowers and more. Both resorts are gorgeous to walk around, so it’s well worth the time to check them out! Total cost: FREE

Conservatory at Encore/ Wynn

Bet on the horses

Several of the casinos have miniature electronic horse tracks which can be a really fun way to spend a small amount of money while gambling.

Simply grab a chair, put $15 in the machine, and start betting! If you make small bets your money can last quite a long time and it’s a lot of fun to cheer on your horse. Often the cocktail waitress will come by offering drinks, so order one but be sure to tip her! Total cost: $15 – 20

Bet on the horses in Vegas for under $20

Indulge in Italian

Attached to ParkMGM is a very yummy place to check out called EATaly. The store is set up a bit like an Italian Marketplace with a variety of food booths, wine, and fun items to purchase. Although you could spend a pretty penny on fresh seafood or a big Italian meal, it’s fairly inexpensive to pick up a slice of pizza or a delicious cup of gelato. Or a tasty bakery item and coffee on a cooler day. Total cost: $10 – $20

EATaly in Las Vegas

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Gamble on the cheap

I can’t leave you in Las Vegas without sharing a fun way to play the slots on the cheap! If you are there with a friend or two, I’ve got the perfect way to make your money go further AND create a more social way to gamble.

Play the slots in Las Vegas!

Each of you contributes $20 and then together pick a machine that feels lucky (or just looks fun to play). Slide your money in and take turns betting. More money means your gambling time lasts longer AND it’s fun to yell at the machine together. If you win, split the money evenly and if you lose it all, it’s only $20 each for quality entertainment. Total cost $20

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Are you heading to Las Vegas and want to have a blast without spending a fortune? Try some or all of these 10 fun things to do in Las Vegas for $20 or less! #LasVegas #SaveMoney #AffordableTravel
Are you heading to Las Vegas and want to have a blast without spending a fortune? Try some or all of these 10 fun things to do in Las Vegas for $20 or less! #LasVegas #SaveMoney #AffordableTravel