18 Best Things to Do in Columbus Indiana

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Ready to discover the BEST things to do in Columbus Indiana? This town is a true hidden gem tucked away in the heart of the Hoosier State. While the name might not ring a bell for everyone, this charming city boasts an impressive array of attractions, activities, and cultural treasures that are sure to captivate you. With so many fun things to do in Columbus Indiana, it’s a place I visit often as a day trip with my kids from Indy.

Whether you’re an architecture buff, an art enthusiast, an outdoor adventurer, or simply someone seeking a weekend getaway, Columbus has something to offer for everyone. Grab your walking shoes, your camera, and an open mind, as we embark on a journey to discover the hidden wonders of this remarkable city.

Fun Things to Do in Columbus, Indiana

1. Architecture Bus Tour

With the city’s rich architectural history, viewing the many art installations and buildings by famous architects is among some of the best things to do in Columbus Indiana. And luckily, there are multiple ways to enjoy these unique attractions.

The most comprehensive architecture tour in Columbus is the bus tour offered by the Visitors Center. The tour lasts 2 hours and includes a narrated ride around town learning about and viewing some of the architectural highlights. There is a bit of walking when you hop off the bus at some of the locations, but it’s minimal.

This tour fills up quickly, so make sure to book in advance if it’s the one you are interested in! It’s fun to see the bus driving around town, and the narrators are passionate about the history and architecture of Columbus so will make your tour that much more fun! All tours start from the visitors’ center.

Location: 506 5th Street

2. Architecture Walking Tour

There are several options if you prefer a walking tour. The first one is through the Columbus Indiana Visitors Center and includes a guided walking tour of downtown Columbus. It lasts about an hour and a half and you’ll even get to go inside some of the architectural wonders of Columbus.

Large Arch by Henry Moore in downtown Columbus, Indiana

The second option is a “do-it-yourself” walking tour. With this option, you can download an app that will help guide and educate you as you enjoy the downtown architecture. There are 18 stops on this tour, all of which have an audio clip sharing the history and importance as well as a few pictures of the outside and inside.

Both tours start from the visitors’ center and if you don’t have time for the informative guided tour, then the do-it-yourself option is one of the best free things to do in Columbus, so give that a try.

Location: 506 5th Street

3. Architecture Driving Map

If you want to enjoy ALL of the art and architecture in Columbus, for a small fee you can pick up a map at the Columbus Indiana Visitors Center, hop in your car, and start driving. There are a lot of places to check out, so I’d suggest picking a section of town and concentrating on one area at a time.

We live close enough that I actually keep the map in my glove compartment and if we happen to be in the area, we’ll pick a few buildings and explore!

4. Public Art

In addition to the amazing architecture in Columbus, the city has an extensive Public Art collection. From the majestic Bartholomew County Memorial for Veterans to the Large Arch by Henry Moore, you’ll find beauty all over the city.

Bartholomew County Memorial for Veterans in downtown Columbus

Most of the installations are highlighted on the driving map, so purchasing it is worthwhile whether art or architecture is your jam. All of them are listed on the Visit Columbus website, so that’s another resource to locate and learn about the art Columbus has to offer.

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5. Miller House & Gardens

The Miller House is a mid-century modern residence designed by famous architect Eero Saarinen. Eero Saarinen is probably best known for designing the St. Louis Arch. The interior of the house was done by Alexander Girard, and the Miller House garden by landscape architect Dan Kiley.

The only way to see the interior of the house is to take the tour which originates at the Columbus area visitors center. If you enjoy mid-century design, the Miller House is an exemplary example.

Insider tip: children under 10 are not permitted on the Miller House tour, and you will be asked to remove your shoes and wear socks while touring the house or wear shoe covers.

Location: 506 Fifth Street

6. Downtown Boutiques

The heart of Columbus is absolutely its downtown area, and with the Visitors Center located downtown, it’s the ideal place to begin your visit. Plus, it’s very walkable which is a nice way to get the feel of a place! There are plenty of things to do in downtown Columbus, so I’d suggest starting your visit to the town there.

Downtown Columbus is adorable. Within the few blocks that comprise downtown, you’ll encounter a number of unique boutiques. You’ll also find a wonderful little bookstore – the second-oldest independent bookstore in Indiana!

Second oldest bookstore in Indiana is in Columbus

Strolling the streets and browsing the local shops is a great way to get a feel for the community AND you’ll get to enjoy some of the art and architecture as you walk.

In fact, I’d recommend downloading the app, and using it as you shop downtown to learn more about the history and the buildings you encounter.

7. Bartholomew County Historical Society Museum

Just a few steps off the main downtown streets is the Bartholomew County Historical Society Museum. Located in the McEwen-Samuels-Marr House (listed on the National Register of Historic Places), the museum houses two permanent exhibits that relate to the history of Bartholomew County as well as several temporary exhibits.

Visit the Historical Society Museum when looking for things to do in Columbus Indiana

Although not a large museum, it’s quite interesting and the docents are happy to show you around and share a bit about the museum and some of the special highlights. It’s another one of the best free things to do in downtown Columbus Indiana.

Location: 524 3rd Street

8. Columbus Visitors Center

Really when you are deciding upon what things to do in Columbus Indiana, your first stop should be at the Columbus Visitors Center.

Start at the Visitors Center when looking for things to do in Columbus Indiana

The visitors center is where all the tours originate, and where you can purchase any maps you’d like to help you get around. The staff is super friendly and knowledgeable (they helped me download the app for the free downtown walking tour) and can help you make the most of your visit.

Chihuly glass in the Columbus Visitors Center

In addition to the information you’ll gather, the visitors center is home to the beautiful Dale Chihuly glass pieces Yellow Neon Chandelier, and Persians. If you’ve ever visited the Bellagio in Las Vegas or the Children’s Museum in Indianapolis, you’re probably well aware of Chihuly!

There is also an extensive gift shop full of locally crafted items unique to Columbus, so it’s a great place to pick up a souvenir or two.

Location: 506 5th Street

9. The Commons

Even if you have kids with you who aren’t interested in art and architecture (and realistically most kids aren’t), there are plenty of kid-friendly things to do in Columbus Indiana!

And maybe, just by enjoying the fun kid stuff with them, you can sneak in a little art and architecture during the visit – stealth learning!

The Commons has a playground like no other. When our kids were little and we’d end up in Columbus, this was always the first stop.

Kids will have fun at the Commons in Columbus Indiana

With an eye-catching two-story climbing tower and multiple areas for younger kids and toddlers to explore, it’s a terrific way for kids to have fun and get some activity at the same time!

The Commons itself is a striking glass building and home to the public art installation Chaos I as well as several restaurants and event space.

Chaos I located in The Commons in Columbus Indiana

Location: 300 Washington Street

10. Kidscommons

Just across the street, and not to be confused with The Commons is Kidscommons. A wonderful children’s museum located in downtown Columbus, it’s the perfect stop for elementary and younger kids.

Visit Kidscommons when looking for things to do in Columbus Indiana

Lots of hands-on learning and interactive exhibits will ensure your children will have fun while they learn! Plan on spending an hour or so exploring and enjoying all Kidscommons has to offer.

We spent a fun afternoon here one year with our kids during their spring break. Be sure to ask about the world’s largest toilet when you visit!

Location: 309 Washington Street

11. Zaharakos Ice Cream Parlor and Museum

2024 UPDATE: Zaharakos now serves beer & wine for their adult guests! When you are ready for an ice cream break (and who isn’t after a fun day of playing and exploring), Zaharakos should be your first choice.

Zaharakos has been a historic landmark (and ice cream parlor) in Columbus for over 100 years! The building is beautiful inside and out and retains much of its early 1900s charm. It’s one of the longest-standing attractions in Columbus Indiana.

Enjoy ice cream at Zaharakos

After you devour your delicious ice cream treats, you can check out the connected museum which houses a Welte Orchestrion (self-playing organ) and other “soda fountain” memorabilia. It’s quite interesting and full of gorgeous antiques.

Location: 329 Washington Street

12. People Trails

With all that the city has to offer, it’s no surprise that there are numerous active and enjoyable outdoor things to do in Columbus Indiana!

Throughout Columbus are more than 27 miles of paved trails called People Trails as they allow anything people-powered (bikes, walking, scooters, etc.). I always search out these kinds of trails when we travel as it’s nice to stretch your legs after a car ride or big meal.

The trails run all around town, near rivers, creeks, and beautiful farmland. There are several places to hop on the trail, and the best way to find them is via the Visitors Center or AllTrails. Bring your bike or just lace up your sneakers and get out and explore!

13. Atterbury-Bakalar Air Museum

Another one of the best free things to do in Columbus Indiana with kids is a visit to the Atterbury-Bakalar Air Museum. If you have a plane lover in your group, they will really enjoy this visit.

Throughout our years of exploring Indiana, we’ve discovered a rich aviation history, and this museum expands upon that in a fun and interactive way. The docents know their museum well and will entertain and educate you during your visit.

The Atterbury Bakalar Air Museum is located near the airport, so it’s also fun to watch the smaller planes take off and land when you are there.

Location: 4742 Ray Boll Blvd

14. Mill Race Park

Even the parks in Columbus Indiana have famous designers!

Designed by Michael Van Valkenburgh, this large (85-acre) park is on the river and in addition to what you’d typically find in a park has an observation tower, covered bridge, and amphitheater.

Of course, you’ll also discover playgrounds, basketball courts, and picnic shelters, so it’s an ideal spot to spend a sunny afternoon soaking up the sun and having fun.

Location: 50 Carl Miske Drive

Columbus Indiana Restaurants & Breweries

There are dozens of amazing places to eat and drink in Columbus – with a city so full of art and architecture it’s no surprise that the food scene is wonderful too. I can’t even begin to share all the delicious choices, but here are a few favorite restaurants in Columbus Indiana.

15. Ramen Alley

We stumbled upon Ramen Alley while exploring the downtown using the downtown guided app and decided a bowl of ramen sounded like a perfect way to warm up and re-energize for the rest of the day.

Ramen Alley in Columbus Indiana

Located down an alley, this hidden gem is not only beautifully decorated, but it also serves some pretty amazing ramen. The menu is limited to a few appetizers, rice bowls, and ramen, but it was still hard to decide what to order as everything looked and smelled delicious.

Ramen from Ramen Alley in Columbus Indiana

We settled on splitting a spicy Miso Bowl with a few gyoza as an appetizer and it was perfect. Spicy, warm, and full of flavor with ramen that still had a bit of bite to it. YUM!

Location: 187 West Brooke Court

16. Lucabe Coffee

Every downtown needs a delicious coffee shop and lucky for Columbus residents they have several. On our last visit, we chose Lucabe Coffee for an afternoon break and found it delightful.

Lucabe sign

First the name – love it. Lucabe is a mix of the owners’ kids’ names – and the idea is that Lucabe is not only a wonderful coffee shop but a place where kids are welcome. There is even a cute kids’ corner where kids can play while their parents relax over a delicious drink.

There are plenty of working spots tucked all around the coffee shop, so it’s easy to find a corner and set up shop if you need to get some work done.

Lucabe coffee

And of course, the coffee was delicious. Lucabe uses beans roasted from a nearby Louisville, Kentucky roaster. With yummy coffee, plenty of places to relax, and friendly staff it’s a great little coffee shop!

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17. Upland Columbus Pump House

As a huge fan of Upland’s sour beers, Upland Pump House was high on my list of places to check out on our last trip to Columbus.

The Columbus bar is located in a 1903 historical building that was once a pump house designed by architect Harrison Albright. It’s a truly beautiful building and Upland has done a wonderful job of restoring it and creating a welcoming and lovely brewery.

Upland Beer

Upland Brewing Company is out of nearby Bloomington, Indiana and so is well known throughout central Indiana for its delicious beers. This location was no exception.

We split the Baby Wedge and indulged in a few different Upland beers – a PawPaw Sour and Two of Hearts (a fruited gose). I’ve had both before (and enjoyed them) but either in cans or bottled and there is just something better about a beer straight from the tap!

Location: 148 Lindsey Street

18. 450 North Brewery

450 North Brewery is one of my all-time favorite places to visit in Columbus Indiana on a lazy afternoon. A little bit outside of downtown Columbus, it’s a restaurant, brewery, and winery we’ve visited dozens of times. It’s just always good!

Although the menu changes from time to time, you can always find their delicious wood-fired pizzas and plenty of tasty drink options.

Pizza and beer at 450 North Brewery in Columbus Indiana

In addition to typical beers, 450 North specializes in smoothies – which are heavily fruited and thicker beers. So yummy! They create tons of fun and flavorful combinations and I haven’t had one yet that wasn’t delicious.

If that’s not your speed, you can also find their own versions of hard ciders (yummy) and even wine from Simmons Winery.

It’s fun to do a wine tasting, order a pizza and a flight of beer and then sit outside on the sunny deck to enjoy a relaxing afternoon.

Location: 8111 E. 450 North

What is Columbus Indiana Known For?

One of the coolest things about Columbus, Indiana is the amazing amount of beautiful and unique art and architecture. For a fairly small town, it’s quite astonishing. You’ll discover over 90 buildings and public art installations in this town of just under 50K people.

In 1957, the Cummins Foundation was founded by Irwin Miller to encourage the community to use prominent architects to design schools by offering to pay the architect’s fees. This began with schools and expanded into other buildings. Before too long, Columbus Indiana became well-known globally for its modern architecture.

Bernie checking out the public art in Columbus Indiana

Where is Columbus Indiana Located?

Columbus Indiana is conveniently located less than an hour south of Indianapolis and 70 miles north of Louisville, Kentucky. With such a great location it’s a terrific day trip or weekend getaway!

Map of Columbus Indiana

Where to stay when visiting Columbus Indiana

Although there are several chain motels located along the I-65 Interstate, I’d recommend staying in downtown Columbus. It’s more fun to immerse yourself in the city and the choices are wonderful.

Columbus Hotel Indigo

The Hotel Indigo (an IHG property) is my top choice for an overnight when visiting Columbus.

Like most Hotel Indigo properties, this one embraces the local history and culture and is not only architecturally pleasing but also has its own gallery showcasing local artists. Plus, there is an adorable dog that will welcome you when you visit!

Hotel Indigo in Columbus Indiana

👉 Ready to book your stay in Columbus, Indiana? Find the best rates on The Hotel Indigo here on Booking.com

Inn at Irwin Gardens

If you like a bed & breakfast experience, choose the Inn at Irwin Gardens. It was built in 1864 for the Irwin family, and the building has been used as a residence or Inn for many years.

Inn at Irwin Gardens

The Inn also has beautiful and extensive gardens. And even if you don’t choose to spend the night there, you can call the Inn or the Columbus Visitors Center and arrange for a tour of the house and grounds. In addition, the grounds are open to the public for free several days a week during the summer and fall. Check the website for current days and times.

How to get around Columbus Indiana

If you plan to venture outside of the downtown area of Columbus Indiana, you’ll want a car. Technically you could spend a few days just exploring downtown if you stayed at the Hotel Indigo, but there is so much more to see that a car just makes sense.

FAQs: Columbus Indiana Attractions

What is the nickname for Columbus Indiana?

Thanks to the incredible architecture, Columbus Indiana has been called “The Athens on the Prairie.”

Why is Columbus Indiana called Columbus?

It’s named after the explorer Christopher Columbus.

Conclusion: The best things to do in Columbus Indiana

Columbus Indiana is truly a unique, vibrant, and interesting town to visit. With its rich history, world-class architecture (don’t miss the tours!), and art, it’s a hidden gem located right in the middle of the state.

It will definitely continue to be high on my list of places to go when I just want to get out of town for the day and feel like I’ve really had a mini-vacation. In fact, if you combine it with a visit to nearby Brown County, you could easily spend a long weekend exploring the area.

With all the things to do in Columbus Indiana, and its close proximity to Indianapolis, it’s an ideal choice for multiple-day trips or weekend getaways!


Columbus is known for its world-class architecture and art, but that's only the start of all the things to do in Columbus Indiana. Enjoy history, art, outdoor fun, shopping, delicious restaurants and more! #Columbus #Indiana #daytrips
Columbus is known for its world-class architecture and art, but that's only the start of all the things to do in Columbus Indiana. Enjoy history, art, outdoor fun, shopping, delicious restaurants and more! #Columbus #Indiana #daytrips