2014 Goals

As I mentioned earlier this week, although I don’t set resolutions, I do like to set goals.  And this year, I’m centering my goals around one overall theme – ENJOY.

I want 2014 to be the year I enjoy my business more, enjoy my life more, enjoy plenty of quality time with my friends and family and enjoy a healthier lifestyle for myself and my family.

With this theme in mind, here are the goals I’ve set for 2014.  Compared to last year, there aren’t a lot of them – because to ENJOY life more, I need to do LESS!

Family/ Friends New Year New You

  • Show love for each family member monthly according to their Love Language
  • Plan and enjoy six vacations or weekend getaways
  • Enjoy regular get-togethers with friends

Healthier Lifestyle

  • Enjoy seasonal foods and the entire dining experience
  • Enjoy regular exercise
  • Commit to enjoying a consistent morning routine


  • Enjoy blogging – and share valuable content for YOU
  • Create programs and products I enjoy (and you will too!)
  • Enjoy discovering new uses for my essential oils – and sharing them

There you have it – my goals for 2014 – throughout the year you can expect me to go into more depth on each goal- exactly HOW I’m accomplishing each one and what I envision success to look like.

I’d love to hear what your New Year’s goals (or resolutions) consist of, so please share in the comments – links to your own sites are welcome if you have a post on New Year’s goals!

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