2015 Goals

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I think I’ve spent more time pondering and planning my goals for 2015 than I EVER have.  Since I’ve spent so much time, they really feel right.  They feel audacious and challenging, yet still achievable (with a lot of hard work!).  These goals will stretch me and force me to grow – and that’s a good thing!

Every year I create a word to exemplify what I want my life to feel like for the year – it’s a word that I can fall back on when considering new opportunities, thinking about next steps, etc.  Last year that word was ENJOY.  This year, the word BELIEVE just came to me.  And it stuck.  So BELIEVE is my word for 2015.  I’ll share more about what that word means to me next week . . ..

On to the goals.  There are only ten of them this year, but as I mentioned, they are BIG!   All of them center around my core values of Relationships, Health and Helping Others.  The goals are written as if it’s the end of the year, and they have been accomplished.

1.  I am a successfully coaching six new women.

2.  I have completed a successful online group program to help busy moms move from frazzled to fabulous!

3.  I have tried something new every month.

4.  I have had many fun vacations as well as fun experiences each month with my family.

5.  I am exercising 5x per week, drinking lots of water and getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night.

6.  I am a marketing and prospecting queen – my efforts make it fun and easy to fill my coaching programs by reaching the women they can help the most.

7.  I have a clean and organized house – especially the office.

8.  I have created regular nights out (or in) with my friends.

9.  I am practicing yoga and meditation regularly each week.

10.  I have enjoyed weekly “me time” in the form of massages, reading and learning new things – this gives me the energy and excitement to be more present with my family.

Most of them build on each other and they are a nice mix of health related, business and relationships – should be a very exciting year!

What are your goals?  I’d LOVE for you to share them in the comments.  I’ve found that stating your goals out loud helps keep you accountable – so give it a try – write them in the comments or link to your blog.  I BELIEVE it will be a successful and fun 2015!

Do you need an extra push this year to accomplish your health and lifestyle goals?  Then this might be the perfect year to work together.  Book your FREE 30 minute clarity session today and we will uncover your top three goals for the year and determine if we are a good fit to work together to accomplish them.

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