25 Best Coffee Roasters in Michigan

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Ready to discover the 25 BEST Coffee Roasters in Michigan? And the best Michigan coffee shops? After this research, I am totally prepared for our upcoming trip north!

One of the first places we look for when visiting a new location is the local coffee shop. Even when the kids were little, we’d make a point of finding the local spots and stopping for an afternoon hot chocolate treat.

Different types of coffee can be found at the best Michigan Coffee Roasters

These days, of course, it’s the morning caffeine we are searching for, and as all of us are somewhat coffee snobs, we are quite interested in finding the very best coffee roasters in Michigan.

Best Michigan Coffee Roasters in the Ann Arbor Area

The University of Michigan was one of the universities my daughter was considering, so of course, when we went to the college visit, we had to check out the best coffee roasters and coffee shops in the area.

Luckily for those University of Michigan students and Ann Arbor residents, there are many excellent choices – this college town obviously loves its coffee!

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1. M-36 Coffee Roasters

M-36 Coffee Roasters is fairly new to the Michigan coffee roasters scene, but the owners were long-time employees at the now defunct Expresso Royale. It goes without saying that they know their coffee!

Like many small roasters, M-36 takes special care to select the very best beans and roast them carefully. In addition to delicious coffee, you can grab a muffin or sandwich to help you power through a day of class or work!

2. RoosRoast Coffee

RoosRoast Coffee is well-known as one of the best coffee roasters in Michigan. Many folks swear by their Lobster Butter Love as their go-to coffee.

RoosRoast is all about handmade, sustainability, and treating people well. It’s definitely a place you’ll want to grab a cup of coffee, sit and spend some time. The RoosRoast fans aren’t wrong – it’s quite a special coffee shop! Bonus- you can also find them at the Ann Arbor Farmer’s Market.

3. Mighty Good Coffee

Mighty Good Coffee definitely lives up to the name! They visit the locations where they source their beans and then roast them in small batches for maximum freshness.

You’ll find a lot of fun barista “art” when you order lattes – they know how to create a pretty latte. With a downtown Ann Arbor location, parking can be a challenge, but it’s worth it to find a spot and settle in for the morning.

They also offer classes, which sounds like an amazing way to spend time for a coffee lover like me!

Bonus stop: The Lab is a fun Michigan coffee shop right across from the University of Michigan. On our visit, we enjoyed delicious cups of fresh pour-over while sitting outside enjoying the campus views!

Coffee from the Lab, a Michigan Coffee Shop

4. Vertex Coffee Roasters

As an adorable shop with plenty of outside seating, I’ll add Vertex Coffee Roasters to my list of the best Michigan coffee roasters anytime! They also have board games inside and tons of plants for a cozy feel.

One of my favorite parts of this shop is that they offer coffee flights – what fun is that? Their roastery is located in Milan, MI.

5. Zingerman’s Coffee Company

Zingermans’ Coffee Company is a wholesale coffee roaster in Michigan that provides its coffee to many of the local restaurants as well as locations all around the midwest.

There is also a cafe located in Ann Arbor where they concentrate on their small batches. You can actually watch them roasting the beans at the cafe location! Plus their baristas are true coffee artists serving coffee in all different kinds of ways – pour over, Chemex, etc.

Best Michigan Coffee Roasters in the Detroit Area

Detroit is on my short list of places where I’d like to spend a long weekend. I’ve been hearing so many terrific reviews of the city, and there is so much to do, that it seems like a trip I need to plan soon.

6. Dessert Oasis Coffee Roasters

Coffee, dessert, and live music? Yes, please. And that’s the inspiration behind Dessert Oasis Coffee Roasters.

So in addition to perfectly roasted coffee, you can enjoy a delicious piece of cake – one of their specialties is cheesecake. The cheesecakes are made fresh daily and there are all kinds of unique flavors. Yum.

7. Chazzano Coffee

The coffee at Chazzano Coffee is roasted daily, so if you place an order for beans you’ll get them quickly! One thing to note is that they are closed on the weekends, so if you get a hankering for a cup, be sure you visit Monday – Friday.

Use a French Press for delicious strong coffee

👉 Are you looking to make a delicious cup of coffee with some of those beans you’ve purchased from one of the best coffee Roasters in Michigan? Try a French Press for an easy and smooth pot of coffee! Here is my current favorite – and it’s super affordable!

8. Germack Coffee Roasting Co

Germack Coffee Roasting has a lovely downtown location right across the street from the Eastern Market. The location is perfect for getting some work done while enjoying one of their delicious coffees and a tasty treat.

The shop also sells all kinds of fun items perfect for gifts, so plan on a little shopping while you are there too.

9. Sabbath Coffee Roasters

Sabbath Coffee Roasters specializes in roasting small batches of fresh coffee beans that they’ve obtained from small farms. They are especially known for their light roasts, so if this is your preference, definitely give Sabbath Coffee Roasters a try.

10. Atomic Coffee

THIS is the place that everyone talks about when they mention the best coffee roasters in Michigan. Atomic Coffee also makes raw juices and smoothies – perfect for kiddos or folks that don’t drink coffee (gasp!).

I noticed that they serve a Mexican Mocha which is my favorite! I typically don’t drink sweet coffee anymore (except for Iced Vanilla Lattes), but a Mexican Mocha is the exception!

11. The Office Coffee Shop

With coffee roasted in Royal Oak, Michigan, The Office Coffee Shop also has a lovely coffee shop perfect for working.

In fact, the Office Coffee Shop is ALSO a co-working location. So, if you want/need a regular place to work downtown, this may be the perfect fit for you! The internet is lightening fast, there are private conference rooms to rent and more.

Coffee Sign

12. The Red Dot Coffee Company

Located in an adorable house in Northville, Michigan, The Red Dot Coffee Company feels like visiting a friend. The atmosphere is cozy with a variety of seating inside and outside. They are closed on Sunday, so keep that in mind if you plan to visit.

A few menu items they are known for is their Affogato (yum!) and a PB Chai. Interesting, right?

13. Plymouth Coffee Bean

Open later most nights than many of the coffee shops, Plymouth Coffee Bean Company is a nice mix of a place to work, a place to grab a coffee to go, or a place to sit, listen to music, and hang out!

They are the longest-running independent coffee shop in Michigan, so clearly, they know what they are doing!

Best Coffee Roasters in Northern Michigan

We spend a lot of time in the Northern part of Michigan – multiple ski trips each year, as well as just enjoying the many small towns and outdoor activities the rest of the year.

14. Roast & Toast

Roast & Toast in downtown Petoskey is one of our all-time favorite coffee shops (in fact, for some family members, it IS the favorite). We’ve been visiting this funky and delicious shop for almost twenty years.

Roast & Toast is also intimately involved in the community – both with donations and using local ingredients wherever possible. Make it one of your first stops when visiting Petoskey – like we always do!

Roast & Toast is one of the BEST Michigan Coffee Roasters

And honestly, it hasn’t changed that much in all those years, which is the mark of a good coffee shop! I think their food business has picked up a bit, but that hasn’t detracted from their yummy coffee creations. All their coffee is freshly roasted and if it isn’t used quickly enough, it’s donated – love that!

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15. Higher Grounds Coffee

Another Michigan city worth spending a bit of time in is Traverse City. And when you visit, be sure to check out Higher Grounds Coffee.

For a true coffee lover, this place is amazing. The outdoor seating is lovely, and the coffee is super smooth! You can watch the roasting process through a window in the shop, OR a few times a month they offer a roasting tour and tasting! That’s what I want to do the next time we are in the area.

16. Lake Charlevoix Coffee Company

When I’m staying at Boyne Mountain, Lake Charlevoix Coffee Company is my go-to if I want to enjoy a locally roasted cup of coffee.

The shop is HUGE – and yet still feels cozy. The decor is eclectic and fun and the coffee can’t be beaten. They do have a few sister stores (North Perk in Petoskey and Iron Goat Coffee in East Jordan), if you don’t happen to be in Boyne City.

Delicious coffee from Lake Charlevoix Coffee Company

Whether you need an iced drink in the summer to cool off or a hot latte to warm you up after a morning of skiing or sledding, Lake Charlevoix Coffee Company is the place!

17. Mundos Roasting

Head back to Traverse City to enjoy a smooth, rich cup of coffee at Mundos Roasting. Technically there are multiple locations in Traverse City as well as one in Suttons Bay. Mundos specializes in single-origin coffee and is well-known for their pour-overs!

Interesting and unique drinks dot the menu (many seasonal), and the shops are beautiful – perfect for Instagram with lots of light and plants.

Best Michigan Coffee Roasters near Lansing

As the halfway point for us between home and Boyne City, Michigan, I can’t tell you how many times we’ve stopped in Lansing. Luckily, for us, as a college town, there are several wonderful coffee shops (and coffee roasters) worth stopping for!

18. Van Buren Coffee Company

Although only open a few days a week, you can contact Van Buren Coffee Company to set up an appointment outside their regular hours to pick up a freshly roasted order. So, for those of you who enjoy preparing your coffee at home with fresh beans, order a batch!

As a family business, your purchases of coffee (and the cute items they have in the gift shop), help support locals!

19. Black Iron Coffee Roasters

Locally owned and locally roasted, Black Iron Coffee Roasters in Howell is a solid choice for freshly roasted, delicious-tasting coffee!

The shop is cozy with quite a bit of exposed brick and comfortable seating, and not only is the coffee excellent – so is the Chai (which is always my after 3:00 drink!). After you’ve enjoyed your coffee, be sure to take home a bag of freshly roasted beans to enjoy at home.

Best Coffee Roasters in Michigan near Grand Rapids

Lately, we’ve been making trips to Grand Rapids regularly for soccer games – and with early morning games in COLD weather (who plays soccer outdoors in February and March in the Midwest??? Apparently we do!), a good coffee shop is a MUST. Both to fuel up before and warm up after the game!

20. Grand Rapids Coffee Roasters

In addition to the amazing coffee, I love that Grand Rapids Coffee Roasters lets patrons be a part of the process with the Saturday Experience. Guests can learn about the roasting process and try a few different varieties.

It’s well worth timing your visit on a Saturday between 10 and 3 if you want to learn more about coffee as well as taste (and buy) some pretty delicious brews! You can bet I’ll be there the next time we are in town for a soccer game on a Saturday.

21. Magnum Coffee Roastery

Although the store doesn’t have a ton of seating and space, Magnum Coffee Roastery is still a solid choice for picking up a delicious coffee to drink, or beans to enjoy at home. And for those of us getting our coffee to go, it’s perfect!

At Magnum, if you have time, you can even get your beans roasted to your specification! How cool is that! Note that they aren’t open on Sunday, so keep that in mind if you are in Grand Rapids for a weekend.

22. Stovetop Roasters

An adorable coffee shop that serves single-origin locally roasted coffee, Stovetop Roasters is an excellent spot to sit and sip for a while.

And, if you love their coffee, they also have a coffee subscription so you can enjoy their freshly roasted coffee delivered straight to your home.

Use a Moka Pot for the smoothest, richest coffee!

👉 If you join the coffee subscription – or just want another fun way to make coffee at home, my favorite method is using my Moka Pot. It makes the smoothest, richest cup of coffee – so if you are splurging on fancy beans, don’t waste them on a regular coffee maker!

23. Mapcap

With three Grand Rapids locations (and one in Detroit), Mapcap is well known in the area as one of the best coffee roasters in Michigan! The roasting happens in Grand Rapids, and you can find Madcap coffee shipped all across the nation!

Quality is key as they taste every batch, and ship it within 24 hours of being roasted. So you know you’ll enjoy super fresh coffee even when it’s delivered to your home.

Best Coffee Roasters in Southern Michigan

For those folks who like to visit the southern part of Michigan (along with those Lake Michigan Beach towns), there are plenty of options for Michigan coffee roasters. A few notable options are included here.

24. Forte Coffee

Forte Coffee actually has two shops in St. Joseph, Michigan, as well as one in Benton Harbor, so it’s a good go-to if you are visiting the towns along Lake Michigan.

No fake syrups here – and plenty of coffee options! The pour-over is especially delicious, but their latte combinations are pretty sweet too!

Pour over coffee

25. Simpatico Coffee

I love that Simpatico Coffee is smooth and low acid! As someone who usually has to stop after one cup of coffee, the fact that I can enjoy a delicious cup of smooth coffee with low acidity is amazing!

With two locations in Holland, Michigan, if you are visiting the area to see the tulips blooming (and you should do this at least once in your lifetime), be sure to stop and enjoy a cup of Simpatico’s coffee!

Whew! That’s a lot of fantastic Michigan locally roasted coffee, isn’t it?

Although I think that these are the best coffee roasters in Michigan, I’m 100% sure I’m missing a few. With coffee shops and local roasting as popular as it is, new places are popping up all the time.


Coffee lover? Me too! Check out this comprehensive list of the 25 BEST coffee roasters in Michigan. You're sure to find a new favorite! #coffee #Michigan #daytrips
Coffee lover? Me too! Check out this comprehensive list of the 25 BEST coffee roasters in Michigan. You're sure to find a new favorite! #coffee #Michigan #daytrips