Weekly Goals Update

Last Week’s GoalsWeekly planning


  • At least 2 hours of education classes done!
  • Catch up with e-mail – better, but not done
  • Create a master “to-do” list so nothing gets lost in my head!done – now to accomplish it . . .



  • Help the kids ease into school and sportsdone, we were on time and ready for all practices and first games – it’s quite a coordination effort
  • Enjoy veggies with every meal – almost, missed breakfast a few mornings when running late
  • Enjoy Easter Sunday togetherwe had a WONDERFUL and relaxing Easter Sunday


  • Get caught up on mail/ paperwork –  pretty close
  • Back on cleaning schedule – did great the beginning of the week, then kinda fell apart . . .

This Week’s Goals


  • At least 2 hours education class
  • April & May newsletters
  • Spend 2 hours updating website


  • Up by 6:30 Monday – Friday
  • Stretch daily
  • Tackle my most dreaded daily task FIRST each day


  • Date night
  • Fun family outing Saturday


  • Back on track with cleaning schedule
  • Work on office for an hour
  • Photo book from Spring Break

What are your goals for this week?  Stopping procrastinating is top on my list – that’s why I added tackling my most dreaded daily task first each day.  Most of the time whatever that task is doesn’t take as long as I think it will and getting it done will 1-stop me from thinking about doing it all day and 2-hopefully kick-start a successful day!

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  1. Eating vegetables at every meal is a great goal! I do have to admit that getting those veggies in at breakfast would be the hardest.

    I like to procrastinate as well. I have been trying to work on that! You can check out my goals over on my blog.

    1. I love a side of sauteed spinach or kale with eggs – or even in an omelet. But it is challenging on the days I don’t eat eggs!

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