5 Easy Ways to Live a Little “Greener”

In a nod to Earth Day this week, I thought I’d share a few easy ways to live a little greener – and as a bonus, most of these ideas are also healthier for you!

    1. Reusable bottles – this is SO simple to do.  I keep all our reusable bottles in the wine rack above our “drink station” so it’s easy to grab a bottle, fill it up with water and go.

  1. Oils for scents versus store bought plug-ins.  Almost daily I run a diffuser or two with a few drops of an essential oil and water.  Better for the environment (less packaging and chemicals) and still leads to a delicious smelling house!  A mix of Thieves and Cinnamon Bark is my current favorite.
  2. Paper scraps.  Next to my desk I have a big basket for recycled paper – scraps left over from cutting out something I printed, sheets that only had one side printed on them but the other side is blank, etc.  Anytime I need a piece of paper for a quick list, note taking or the kids want a sheet for drawing, we grab from the basket.  Less paper use = more trees for our environment.
  3. Buy used.  Not everything obviously, but if you need something, why not first see if you have something already that will suffice, and if not, consider buying it used – often you’ll save money too!
  4. Buy local.  This is a favorite of mine – especially when it comes to food.  Buying local eliminates the need for food transportation and as an added bonus the food is fresher and tastier.  It’s easy to eat better when you food is bursting with flavor!

What do you do to live  little greener?  Is it something you’ve even thought about?  I encourage you to try at least one of these tips this week as your nod to Earth Day!

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