5 fun family experiences

5 Fun Family Experiences near Indianapolis

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Who’s ready for some fun family experiences near Indianapolis? In addition to the 10 fun and affordable date nights I shared last week, I want to include some fun ideas specifically geared toward families.

Although let’s be real, I’d have fun doing any of these sans kids too! If you live near Indy or are planning on visiting soon, add a few of these to your itinerary! You’ll have a blast.

1. Hike at Fort Harrison and feast on pizza

My daughter and I spent one of the first days in January hiking at Fort Harrison State Park in Lawrence. It was cold, but we bundled up and enjoyed the variety of trails. We decided to complete the easiest trail and part of the hardest. Perfect variety.

The easy trail was paved and took us through a very cool walnut forest. These trees were specifically planted for Indiana birds. As it was winter, there were no leaves so it felt very dramatic walking through the forest.

Hiking at Fort Ben is a fun way to spend a winter day.

Our rugged trail was pretty muddy (why we didn’t finish it), but took us through a beautiful area with ravines and trees galore. We even encountered TWO stick teepees which were interesting to explore.

Fort Harrison is a unique park in that in addition to normal state park features like trails, picnic shelters, and playgrounds, you’ll also find a sledding hill and areas with buildings that used to be a part of the military base. We enjoyed poking around the old barracks.

After an afternoon of being out in the fresh air, we definitely worked up an appetite so ordered pizza and breadsticks from Jokamos Pizza just outside the park. We devoured our food in the car, but on a beautiful day, it would be lovely to go back into the park with your pizza for a picnic. There is also plenty of inside seating and an outdoor patio for when the weather improves.

Fort Harrison State Park, 5753 Glenn Rd. Indianapolis, IN

2. Snuggle up with a kitty and a warm drink

One of our favorite icky day excursions is a visit to a cat cafe. We definitely enjoy looking for them when we travel, and when we are at home, we’ll visit Nine Lives Cat Cafe in Indianapolis.

Enjoy time at a cat cafe with your kids.

A few years ago I did an entire blog post on this fun location, so check out all the details here. Right now, it’s especially important to call ahead as hours are shorter in the winter, and due to social distancing, fewer visitors are allowed in with the cats.

Still, if you plan ahead, this can be a fantastic family day!

Nine Lives Cat Cafe, 1315 Shelby St. Indianapolis, IN

3. Switch up family game night

Instead of game night at home, a terrific option is to take your show on the road and hit up one of my favorite coffee shops, Schoolhouse 7 in the Inby suburb of Fishers. Their coffee and food are delicious, and upstairs is the perfect place to spread out and play games while you chill. he time of day) and enjoy some quality family time.

Bring a fun game with you to play, or be like me and just keep a deck of cards and a set of dice in the car and you can always play Euchre, Farkle, or Yahtzee.

What an ideal way to spend a cold Indiana winter day!

💥 Are you looking for the perfect family game? Check out this list of the BEST Family Games and bring one of these along on this outing!

Schoolhouse 7 Cafe, 12125 Cyntheanne Rd. Fishers, IN

4. Enjoy art outdoors!

The Virginia B. Fairbanks 100-acre Woods at Newfields is a fantastic place to explore with the family. It’s home to a 35-acre lake and a fun variety of outdoor art – many of which your kids can play on!

Our favorite is Funky Bones, of The Fault in Our Stars fame. It’s always exciting to run and jump across the sculpture.

Playing on the sculptures at the 100 Acre Woods is a fun family experience near Indianapolis


Top the trip off with a fresh rootbeer from Mug N Bun, a rootbeer stand that has been serving Indianapolis residents for almost 50 years! The weather doesn’t matter as you’ll be enjoying your food in the warmth of your car.

💥 Insider tip: This excursion is perfect for the whole family as you can bring along your pup! Just be a courteous owner and pick up after your dog while enjoying the park.

Virginia B. Fairbanks 100-acre Woods; 1850 W. 38th St. Indianapolis, IN

5. Ice skating and hot chocolate

Ice skating is ALWAYS a fun winter activity. Although I prefer skating outdoors, most of the outdoor Indy rinks close in January. However, you can still ice skate at the Carmel Skadium.

Be sure to check hours before you go – admission is often limited, but you’ll definitely find a slot if you start searching early enough. Then lace up your skates and hit the ice for an hour or so.

It’s a great way to burn off excess energy – and burn calories! Much more fun than a gym workout.

Since you are in Carmel after you are done skating, head over to Just Love Coffee Cafe for a decadent hot chocolate or rich Americano to warm you up. What a scrumptious treat after a fun but tiring time skating!

Enjoy a decadent hot chocolate as part of your next fun family experience.

Conclusion: 5 fun family experiences near Indy

Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor to the Indianapolis area, there’s no shortage of exciting and enjoyable family experiences to be had. From outdoor adventures at the 100-acre Woods to cozy indoor activities at local coffee shops, these options offer something for everyone, creating lasting memories and quality bonding time.

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Are you looking for fun things to do with the family? Check out these 5 fun family experiences near Indianapolis. Don't live in Indy? Use them for inspiration in your hometown! #midwesttravel #familyfun
Are you looking for fun things to do with the family? Check out these 5 fun family experiences near Indianapolis. Don't live in Indy? Use them for inspiration in your hometown! #midwesttravel #familyfun