5 Spring Break ideas for families

5 GREAT Spring Break Ideas for Families

It may be cold and snowy where you are right now, but Spring Break will be here before you know it. If you haven’t started thinking about Spring Break yet, now is the time to do so – the one year I put off Spring Break planning until February was the year we ended up not going anywhere exciting – it was just too late to book what we wanted. So to help you out, here are 5 GREAT spring Break ideas for families:

Go for Warm

Hit the beach. After a long, bitterly cold winter, there is something extra special about a sunny beach. Living in the Midwest we tend to visit Florida beaches often. Vero Beach, Daytona Beach, Pompano and Clearwater are all favorites. If you are closer to the west coast, consider the San Diego area. Even if it’s not warm enough for the adults to play in the ocean, I bet the kids will brave the cool waters. If you head far enough south, it will definitely be perfect for being outside and swimming in a heated pool. If you do decide to plan a trip to the beach, check out this post on Beach Essentials to make sure you bring everything you need for a perfect beach vacation.

The beach is a great spring break vacation for families.

Theme Parks. Walt Disney World is an all-time favorite for my family. Even if we take a beach vacation, we often tack on a few days at Disney to help break up the drive (and get our money’s worth out of those annual passes)! If Disney isn’t your thing, how about Universal Studios or Busch Gardens? One of the smaller amusement parks would be perfect if you just have a few days. Or combine a few days at a park with a few days in a city for an exciting and playful trip.

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Theme parks can be a great family spring break vacation!

Enjoy the End of Winter

A ski trip. March skiing can be fabulous! Some of our all-time favorite ski trips have been in March. The weather is warmer (so fewer layers are needed), there is usually plenty of sunshine, and if there was a good snow base, the snow is still fantastic. Plus, there is just nothing like sitting outside in the sunshine at a picnic table enjoying a street taco and cold cider after a full day of enjoyable exercise. It’s important to pick a ski location that has other things to do because it IS possible that snow conditions aren’t ideal, so if you have a backup plan you’ll still enjoy the trip.

Try skiing for Spring Break!

Stay Close to Home

Enjoy a staycation or trip to a nearby city. We’ve done both of these for Spring Break with fantastic results. The year we stayed home (due to my poor planning), we did a lot of unique things like concerts, ComicCon, special dinners out and day trips. It ended up being a lot of fun and even with all those expenses we still saved a ton of money. We’ve also had some wonderful trips to cities within a few hours of home. Less drive time means everyone was relaxed and ready to sightsee as soon as we arrived. Living in the Midwest, great options are St. Louis, Nashville, Gatlinburg, and Chicago.

Visit a Comic Con as something different to do over Spring Break.

Sail Away

How about a cruise? If you love easy, everything planned for you vacations, then a cruise might be the perfect option. Yes, they can be expensive, but once you are on the ship, pretty much everything is paid for. It’s a lovely feeling to wake up each morning with meals easily accessible, multiple activities to choose from and no need to worry about transportation. Plus a cruise can be the ideal mix of adventure and relaxation.

So what will you choose? Will it be warm? Cold? Out on the open sea? Or a staycation? I’d love to hear what you pick and where you plan to go, so please share in the comments.

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Five GREAT Spring Break Ideas. There is a trip for everyone in this list, so come check it out and begin planning your perfect spring break! #springbreak #ouradventureiseverywhere #travel