Cookie Exchange Alternatives

Ready for some fun cookie exchange alternatives?

Who doesn’t love to get together with their friends and make cookies?   Then exchange them all around?  I know I do!  However, this can lead to a lot of cookies lying around the house that aren’t the healthiest.  Why give yourself that temptation when you can have just as much fun doing something else together?

1.  Host a spa party.  Not only do you get to indulge yourselves in a healthy way, but you can also have a lot of fun creating items that would make GREAT holiday gifts.  Some ideas – create homemade scrubs, do pedicures and manicures, try homemade facials, etc.  Serve simple veggies and dip, fresh fruit, and flavored water.  (or even a sparkling wine would be nice).

2.  Jewelry making.  Making your own jewelry is surprisingly easy and fun – especially with a group of friends.  Have each person bring one bag of supplies (earring hooks, wire, beads, etc.), spread them out on the table and have some fun.  Once again, you can end up with something pretty for yourself or a friend at the end of the party.

3.  Take care of your Christmas cards.  Instead of sitting alone at your desk addressing a million holiday cards, invite your friends over and do it together!  You can even go so far as to create the cards online with each others help, then get back together to address them as a group.  Serve coffee and tea and enjoy getting a holiday task done while visiting!

4.  Have a holiday book exchange.  This could be a fun way to include your kids – they would really enjoy this one.  The idea is simple – each of you brings a copy of your favorite holiday book, wrapped and have a gift exchange – you could make it fun and do it like a typical “white elephant” – picking by number and then either unwrapping a new one or “stealing” from an already opened book.

5.  Do good.  Why not get together with your friends and help out a good cause.  You could create boxes for Operation Christmas Child, wrap small gifts for a nearby nursing home, or maybe create bags to keep in your cars for the homeless – (check out this post by  for some great ideas).

Any more ideas?  I’d love to hear them, so please share in the comments.

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