Animal Kingdom Must-Do's!

5 Must-Do’s at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

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As long-time Disney lovers, we have definite favorites at every park. Thanks to being annual passholders, I don’t feel the pressure to see “everything” each time we visit as I know we’ll be back.

However, there are certain “Must-Do’s” at each park. Even if we miss everything else, if we enjoy these favorites, it was a successful park day! So, here are our top 5 Must-Do’s at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

The Top Must-Do Rides

I love all the rides at Animal Kingdom – yes, even TriceraTops, but these are the Must-Do’s!

1. Kilimanjaro Safaris

Kilimanjaro Safaris. How can you visit Disney’s Animal Kingdom and not enjoy the animals? Right? The safari is the best way to do this.

I’ve always found the guides to be informative and great about sharing their love of the animals. It’s also wonderful that every safari ride is a little bit different. You’ll see different animals doing different things throughout the day.

Sometimes you’ll even have to stop and wait for an antelope or ostrich to walk in front of you! This is definitely a ride you’ll get to early in the morning or towards the end of the day as the wait can get pretty long.

Insider Tip: Have your camera ready – you can get some really amazing pictures during this ride!

Kiliminjaro Safaris is a "Must-do" at Disney's Animal Kingdom

2. Flight of Passage

Flight of Passage. Although all of Pandora is pretty amazing, the ride Flight of Passage is truly amazing. During this ride, you’ll get to ride on the back of a banshee – and it truly feels like you are flying.

The first time we rode Flight of Passage, we hadn’t even seen Avatar and still loved it! Definitely either purchase Genie+ or head to this ride as soon as the park opens, or you will spend a long time waiting.

The world of Pandora at Disney's Animal Kingdom

3. Expedition Everest

Expedition Everest. If you love roller coasters, Expedition Everest is for sure a must-do! It was the first fast roller coaster my son tried and it gave him the courage to try Rock n Roller Coaster at Hollywood Studios.

I love that it’s pretty smooth and a longer ride! However, my stomach still flips every time the coaster goes backward! The theming throughout the queue is so well done and actually pretty interesting to read.

This ride also has a single-rider line, so if there is only one roller coaster lover in your family, that’s a great option.

Insider tip: if you arrive at the park at opening, and have a Lightening Lane for Flight of Passage, head over to Expedition Everest first. (or maybe right after the Safari) You can probably ride it twice in a row.

Expedition Everest is a must-do at Disney's Animal Kingdom

A few more Must-Do’s!

Once you’ve had your fill of rides, don’t worry, there are still plenty of fun ways to spend time at Animal Kingdom.

4. Grab a snack and a drink at Nomad Lounge

Overall, the food at Animal Kingdom is pretty darn good.

There are a lot of great options, but for the atmosphere and quality of food, the Nomad Lounge is always our favorite.

We’ve found that by taking a break here for a snack and drink we will be fully recharged to finish out a fun day! The Nomad Lounge is tucked next to Tiffins (also a wonderful restaurant) on the way to Pandora.

Insider tip: There aren’t a lot of tables (after all it’s a lounge), so put your name in an hour or so before you want to stop for a break, or add yourself to the waiting list.

Drinks at the Nomad Lounge

5. Soak up the details!

Enjoy the atmosphere. It’s really hard to narrow this down to 5 must-do’s as there are many other wonderful things to do at Animal Kingdom, but I think one of the best parts about this park is the theming.

Disney has done a brilliant job of creating a feeling of being far away from central Florida. Take some time to admire the many details of this park.

If you are lucky, you’ll also encounter random dance parties and characters walking through the park. If you do – participate fully! It’s those special moments that make lasting memories.

Visit another country at Disney's Animal Kingdom

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Do you have a trip planned to Disney's Animal Kingdom? If so, be sure to enjoy these 5 things and I guarantee you'll have a great day! #disney #ouradventureiseverywhere #vacationplanning
Do you have a trip planned to Disney's Animal Kingdom? If so, be sure to enjoy these 5 things and I guarantee you'll have a great day! #disney #ouradventureiseverywhere #vacationplanning