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5 Must-Do’s at Disney’s EPCOT

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Now that you’ve enjoyed all the must-do’s at Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios, it’s time to check off the 5 must-do’s at EPCOT.

Epcot is one of our favorite parks (although I could probably say that about all of them). We especially like visiting during the Food & Wine Festival but any of the other festivals are a close second.

1. Enjoy a festival

Okay, so I kinda gave the first must-do away already … BUT, visiting Epcot during a festival is extra exciting In addition to the yummy food booths to try, there are always so many other fun things to do. We’ve painted walls, watched concerts, participated in scavenger hunts and so much more!

Painting at the Epcot Art Festival

I cover some of our favorite Food & Wine activities in my post on More Than Food & Wine, but all of the other festivals have similar activities. Just check out the festival schedule either online or once you arrive at Epcot.

2. Don’t miss Soarin’

Soarin’ is such a wonderful experience. It is always a must-do for us when we visit Epcot. Although some of the newer rides (Avatar and Rise of the Resistance) have taken the experience of Soaring to a new level, it’s still well worth your time.

I love that after almost every time I’ve ridden the ride when it ends, everyone claps! Now that’s a good ride!

Insider tip: if you are wearing flip-flops, you might want to slip them off – when the ride is finished you’ll end up right next to them and you won’t have to think about keeping them on during the ride.

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3. Get lost in another country

My personal favorite part of Epcot is exploring all the countries in the World Showcase. I love poking around the shops, talking to the cast members, and checking out all the amazing details.

Learn a little bit about Norway at Ecpot.

Each country gives a wonderful taste of the best of what the country has to offer. I love how different they each feel. Take some time to really delve deep into each one. Listen to the musicians playing, watch the mini-shows, and check out the details on the buildings.

When the kids were younger, they also REALLY enjoyed getting stamps at each country with the KidCot stations. So if you have little ones, check it out. You can start in any country and work your way through.

4. Get on the fast track

My second favorite ride at Epcot (and probably my kiddo’s favorite) is Test Track. After designing your own car, you’ll get to take a ride in it and compare YOUR car to the rest of the rider’s designs.

The car also goes really fast! Which is of course what my kids love about it!

UPDATE: With the new addition of Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, Test Track has been moved to our second favorite ride. Cosmic Rewind is AMAZING!!!

5. Indulge in something delicious

When park hopping is an option, we always enjoy dinner at Epcot several times during the trip. There are so many wonderful restaurants at this park. It is absolutely our favorite place for food in all of Walt Disney World.

Delicious food is available at Epcot

If you love trying new foods, check out one of the amazing places in the World Showcase. Our all-time favorite is Tutto Gusto in Italy, but there are many other yummy ones too! You’ll also find fun character meals, seafood, and delicious drinks.

Even if there is not a festival going on and you don’t want to eat a large meal, you can still snack your way through the park. Each country has a drink stand or two with its specialties as well as places to grab a quick bite. I like to start in Mexico with a margarita, enjoy a pastry in Norway, a slice of pizza in Italy and end with a decadent dessert in France. Fun, right?

Margaritas from Mexico in Epcot

Writing this has reminded me of how much I love this park – now my mouth is watering and I can’t wait to get back!

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Are you visiting Epcot this year? Don't miss these 5 must-do's! Epcot is a terrific park for all ages and these tips will help you make the most of your visit!
Are you visiting Epcot this year? Don't miss these 5 must-do's! Epcot is a terrific park for all ages and these tips will help you make the most of your visit!