5 Ways to Exercise for Less

You don’t need to join an expensive gym or pay a personal trainer to stay healthy.  There are plenty of ways to exercise for free or inexpensively.  Here are my top 5 favorites:

  1. Borrow a DVD from the library.  Most libraries have a decent selection of fitness videos.  By borrowing them you can get a wide variety of workouts and try out new ones without the commitment of purchasing.  Win – win!
  2. Go for a walk.  Walking is free and it’s excellent exercise.  If the weather is bad, go to the mall and walk inside.  If you have kids, put them in the stroller or on their bikes and take them along.
  3. Check out your TV.  If you pay for TV (Dish, Direct TV, U-verse) check out your On Demand library – you’ll probably find Exercise TV or a similar channel that is FULL of exercise videos.  Don’t have cable (we don’t) – try checking on Hulu or Netflix – I’ve found a nice variety of workouts there too!
  4. Exercise with a friend.  Really want to try a personal trainer?  Try hiring one with a friend or two.  You’ll still get personal attention for half the price or less.  Plus you’ll get the benefit of spending time with your friend!
  5. Check out local options.  Check out your local YMCA, Parks Department, etc.  Many of them offer discounted memberships or low cost classes.  Ask if you can try out the facility or class before you join – that way you can be sure you like it and will go before you spend your hard earned cash.

With a little thought, I’m SURE you can come up with several more ways to get your regular, necessary workouts for less.  Don’t let money issues get in the way of your health – it’s just too important!

Bonus tip – want some equipment?  Don’t forget to check out Craigslist or garage sales before purchasing new!

How do you exercise for less?  Any great tips?  Please share!

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