Last week I shared a bit about why we should be concerned with personal growth, and as promised, this week I’ve got some fun ways to do Never Stop Growingit.  Start with one and implement it this week, try something else next week, and so on.  As I’ve said before, you’re going to change and grow anyway, so why not do it consciously!

  1. Read or watch something different.  This is an easy one to start with.  Do you always read fiction?  Go the bookstore or library and pick up a non-fiction book, or even fiction from a different genre.  Love to watch dramas or action movies (or even TV shows)?  Try a documentary or comedy.  Switching things up will help you start to see things from a different perspective, AND it will give you new topics of conversation for those around you.
  2. Take a class or learn something new.  Once we become adults we often stop learning.  This is just silly!  Check out your local community college for fun and interesting topics.  Or perhaps your local library or craft store has classes for crafts.  Even a cooking class or book club could be a lot of fun.  You’ll learn something new and probably meet interesting people at the same time.
  3. Listen.  I can’t emphasize this one enough.  If you take the time to really listen to others, it’s amazing what you will learn.
  4. Do something you are scared to do.  I bet you suspected this would be on the list.  It’s true though, that by doing something that scares you, you WILL grow as a person.  Perhaps it will become easier next time (or not), perhaps you will discover that you can do more than you think, or perhaps you’ll learn what NOT to do next time.  Regardless, you’ll learn something about yourself.
  5. Treat every situation as a chance to learn.  If you look at each experience and interaction in your day as a chance to learn and grow, you’ll find yourself doing just that.  AND by being conscious of your day to day life, you will enjoy it more.

How do you approach continual personal development?  Is it something you pay attention to consciously or do you just allow life to happen to you?  If so, is that what you want?  I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas, so please share them here in the comments or over on the Facebook page.

Learning and growing is something I love working on with my one on one clients.  If you want some accountability or assistance in this area, contact me today for your FREE clarity session – it’s a great way to get started creating a life you love!

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