Like many women, I enjoy showing love by making special treats or buying my friends and family their favorite goodies (chocolate, coffee, etc.), but what if they are trying to eat healthier and would prefer not to have those special treats tempting them? Welcome Love

Don’t sabotage your loved ones efforts to be healthier – instead find ways to show love without food!  Here are 5 of my favorites:

  1. Plan a day trip or other special outing.  The bookstore, a museum, a park, a day of hiking or biking, even a massage or pedicure would be a fun outing!
  2. Tickets for an upcoming event.  My kids love going to the Disney on Ice productions, so that is always a winner for them, but a concert, play or sporting event would be terrific too.
  3. Love notes.  This can be as simple (a note in their lunch or on their pillow) or as elaborate (a note inserted into a helium balloon or a scavenger hunt of notes) as you’d like – but it’s always an effective, tangible way of showing love.
  4. Do something nice for them.  How about doing “their” chores for the day?  Or just doing something they enjoy with them, WITHOUT complaining?
  5. Flowers are always nice.  Pick up an unexpected bouquet at the grocery or even pick some from your yard – they brighten the house and will brighten your loved one’s day.  Guess what?  Kids like getting flowers too – how often does your little one bring YOU flowers from the yard?  They will appreciate you reciprocating!

There are so many more ways to show love – but one thing to consider is to think about WHO you are trying to show love to.  For some people, gifts mean more than words, and for others acts of service are key.  If you’ve never thought about the best way to show love to specifically to your family members, I encourage you to check out the book The 5 Love Languages of Children by Gary Chapman, and take some time to determine which love language will be the most effective for each member of your family – it will probably be different for everyone.   This way, you can tailor your offerings of love in the manner each of them will appreciate the most.  I just finished this book this week, and love it.  So much good advice – I checked it out from the library, but then turned around a purchased a copy – it’s one I’ll want to refer to often.

How about you?  How do YOU show love to your friends and family?  Please share your ideas in the comments – with Valentine’s Day this week, we can ALL use some more good ideas!

Here are a few more ideas I shared last year – all are still solid, and you could easily implement quickly!

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