A day in the life . . .

I don’t normally post on Mondays, but I thought it might be fun today to share what a typical day of eating looks like in my household.  I’ll update all day, so feel free to follow along . . .

After my morning workout, I typically start my day with a mug of hot water, organic lemon and cayenne – great way to start the digestive system moving and get a nice bit of water.

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Breakfast Mondays can be hard, can’t they?  Luckily for my daughter, I put together her favorite “French” (as she calls it) breakfast.  A simple baguette, some brie and some orange slices.  What could be easier for a hurried Monday morning?

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As I drive the kids to school, I indulge in MY favorite part of the morning . . .  I make a travel mug of my favorite coffee and enjoy . . .

Misc Blog pictures 028

Have to admit, I was starving at around 10:30 this morning, so I just ate a banana – didn’t take a picture – I figured you knew what a banana looked like!

Next update after lunch . . .

Lunch  Since the kids went to school, I packed their lunch:

Misc Blog pictures 025

  they got an apple, pepper slices, a homemade “lunchable” with Tillmonk White Cheddar Cheese, ham and triscuits, olive slices and a few bites of dark chocolate.  Water to drink.

Normally I eat leftovers or make an easy omelet for lunch, but today since we didn’t have any leftovers and I had a butternut squash sitting on the counter, I made a sinfully delicious Butternut Squash Soup – I’ll share the recipe Wednesday.  Big glass of water and a bit of leftover baguette and I was in heaven:

Butternut squash soup 004

Next up – after school snack.

Blackberries and carrots – easy and healthy:

blackberries 001As I was making dinner, I enjoyed one of my favorite drinks for a bit of extra evening energy:

dinner 001As dinner was on the stove, I whipped up a batch of my favorite chocolate zucchini muffins:

dinner 002Dinner tonight was a perfect example of how I’ll take a meal the adults like and break it down for the kids . . .  like I explained in this post.

So, while the kids enjoyed chicken, green beans and brown rice (with a few bites of Kimchee on the side) . . .

dinner 003 we enjoyed one of my favorites – Green Curry . . . see how I just pulled the ingredients for the kids dinner before I combined them all?  EASY!  The kids did try the curry (always the rule) and my daughter liked it but my son thought it was a bit too spicy.

dinner 004And look at these beauties – ready for breakfast tomorrow . . .

dinner 006Well, that was fun but quite a bit of work!  I hope you enjoyed a peek into our day.