Hi!  Thanks for clicking the URL in my Twitter profile – let me give you a little background about who I am and what I do!

My name is Pam Howard and I’m a Certified Holistic Health Coach.  I help busy people (sound like you????) create the healthy, happy, vibrant life they deserve.   You can read more about the services and products I offer on my Products and Services page, but let me give you a glimpse of who I am and what I do.

I’m a 41 year old busy mom of two.  I work full time, conduct my health coaching business and work hard to create a healthy, happy life for myself and my family.

On this site, you’ll  find my blog posts – I try to update them a few times a week with tips for improving your health in a fun and frugal way.  I also share yummy recipes and ideas for fun, family activities.  Hopefully you’ll find something helpful every week.

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