Okay, I don’t think I have EVER promoted a program with an entire blog post about it before, but I recently finished this course myself and LOVED it.  It was a ton of fun, informational and one I can totally recommend!

Since so many of you readers are busy moms like me – ones who have so much going on that there is little time for thinking about what you are going to wear – let alone being fashionable doing it, I think this course would be perfect!

Although I have always tried to look nice, and used to be super into fashion (heck one of my first jobs was as a retail buyer!), lately I’d gotten lazy.  Mostly around accessories – it just seemed like too much work.  Sure, I usually planned my outfits the night before and didn’t default to workout clothes most days, but I certainly didn’t put a lot of thought into creating new outfits or adding fun accessories.

This course is FULL of terrific information about what you should be wearing for your body type (and what body type you are!), as well as specific modules around jeans, tops, accessorizing, etc.  Really good stuff.  What turned out to be the most useful for ME was that I was excited about looking good again.  I had fun trying new combinations, adding those accessories (with a simple formula), and I LOVE the Facebook group.  Not sure if something is good for you?  Post a picture and get the expert advice and encouragement of the other members.  LOVE IT!

This course is opening up again  – registration opens up Sunday September 4th and if you are even the slightest bit interested, I encourage you to check it out.  Kelly is even offering one of my favorite modules for FREE – so definitely check that out – it’s a game changer in how you look at accessorizing and gives you a good feel for what the class is like.

So check out the links in this post and get ready to Adore YOUR Wardrobe!!!

*This post does contain affiliate links, but also my personal opinions from taking the course on my own dime!

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