Las Vegas 2018

An adult trip to Vegas is an annual event for us! Every year my hubby and I take a “grown-up” trip to Las Vegas.  We go in the middle of the summer when it’s nice and hot!  It started out as a way to spend time together when the kids were little.  Now it’s just a fun habit!  It’s been so many years (at least ten), that we have a nice little routine – however, most years we do try to do a few different things.  The last few years it’s been adding shows to the mix – which as you all know I LOVE shows, so that’s been fun.

We started this trip by leaving home at 6:40 AM and arriving at 7:30 AM (time changes are CRAZY).  That meant a late afternoon nap was a must!  Day one was spent checking out the changes on the strip, a little gambling, a slot tournament at Harrah’s (fun even if we didn’t win) and Happy Hour at the Yard House.  It was an early night thanks to that early start!

Day two started with a morning at the pool.  There is nothing like laying by the pool with a good book, tasty drink and no responsibilities …

The afternoon was spent walking down the strip, sushi for Happy Hour (see a trend here?) and then a very fun evening at Tape Face.  He was so funny – if you are in Vegas, definitely go see this show!

We did a little more gambling after and then got a really good night’s sleep!  More fun coming …

What is your favorite show in Vegas?  Do you go to shows when you are in Vegas?

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    1. I know – and it was especially special when the kids were little. That time to sit and read without being on constant mom duty was a real treat!

  1. I have never been to Vegas, but it is on our couples only travel list. We both want to see all the Cirque su Soleil shows. I want to see Celine *swoon* and now I want to see Tape Face. A little gambling would be fun, too!

    1. Sounds like a perfect plan to me! Definitely a great couples trip. We’ve told our kids we will take them when they are 21.

    1. I love shows in general, but some of my favorites were Mama Mia, Tape Face, Jersey Boys and any show at the Coliseum (great theater).

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