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“We live in the middle of nowhere – there is nothing to do!”

If you’ve ever uttered those words, then this post is for you.  When I was younger, that was my attitude.  However, after living in a few different states, traveling to places all over the world and then coming right back to Indiana, I no longer feel that way.  In fact, I truly believe that if you look hard enough, you will find something to do or something interesting to check out (within driving distance), no matter where you are.  Doing new things and exploring can add a lot of happiness and enjoyment to your life.

I’ve made it my mission, wherever I am, to find those places.  Now I want to share them with you.

Several times a month, I’ll be sharing my finds within a short drive of where I live or where I’m traveling.  I suspect some will be quirky, some might be delicious, and some might not be your cup of tea.  However, hopefully, these posts will inspire you to do something new or find something fun where you live.  I’d love to hear about your adventures too.  Please share your finds and experiences in the comments or on my Facebook page.

Ready to begin?  Me too!

We are entering the dreaded (and well-loved) soccer and swim seasons.  My kids both participate in sports year-round, but Spring and Fall are still definitely busier.  Great for them, exciting sometimes for us, but also time-consuming.  As in, I can’t even find a night in the next month to use a FREE hotel room!  How sad is that?  That means long trips or even full-day trips tend to be out of the realm of possibility.  To still enjoy our everyday adventures, I must be a little more creative and find things to do that we can sneak in between soccer games or swim meets.   Still doable, just a little more challenging.

A few weeks ago, we had a few free hours and had a blast spending them in Anderson, IN.

What?  Yes, you heard me right …

Anderson is only 30 minutes from where we live, and they have something you don’t find everywhere anymore.  An old-fashioned skating rink.  For those of you who skated with me on the Levee every Saturday in the 80’s, you MUST check this place out.  It is like going back in time.  Same decor, same playlist, same games.  A fantastic workout, kids off devices and plain old family fun. Roll Arena, 2711 Broadway St. Anderson, IN 46012; 765.644.7503

2022 UPDATE:  Good’s Candy Shop is closed, but you can visit Uranus Fudge at the same location. After a few hours of skating, we headed over to Good’s Candy Shop.  It was a weekend, so the factory wasn’t making chocolates, but during the week you can walk by and watch them being made.  We did enjoy some amazing ice cream cones and homemade root beer.  Yum!  Sign up for their text notices and you’ll get notifications for weekly deals AND get a free cone.  Score.  Good’s Candy Shop, 1423 W 53rd St., Anderson, IN 46013; 765.642.7247

See what I mean?  A fun, adventurous afternoon close to home.  To me, this is what memories are made of!  What is your latest adventure?

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