Amazon Prime Days Deals for Travelers

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Ready for the BEST Amazon Prime Day deals for travelers? Amazon Prime Days are October 10th – 11th, and if you haven’t experienced it before, this is the year to check it out! Amazon will have special deals for Prime members only, and trust me, these are deals you don’t want to miss! If you aren’t a Prime member, you can get started here.

I love shopping on Amazon – I mean, quick shipping, easy returns, and EVERYTHING I want to buy – what’s not to love? So, when Amazon Prime Days come around a few times a year you can bet I’m paying attention!

Ready for my favorite Amazon Prime Days deals for travelers?

1. Kindle Paperwhite – on sale!

I was just telling my spouse the other day that I don’t know why I waited so long to get a Kindle Paperwhite. It is truly life-changing for an avid reader who enjoys reading books on vacation outside. If you’ve ever thought about purchasing one, now is the time to do it!

Using my Kindle Paperwhite at the pool in Hawaii

Consider picking up a bundle with 3 months of FREE Kindle Unlimited when you purchase your Kindle – it’s a great way to try out the service (which I do love) and see if it’s worthwhile for you.

📚 Curious as to why I love my Kindle Paperwhite so much? Check out my honest review of the Kindle Paperwhite.

2. A great swimsuit and coverup

If your travels include time at the pool or beach (which mine almost always do), then you’ll want a great swimsuit and coverup!

I’ve been a big fan of CupShe swimsuits from Amazon. They fit great, are of excellent quality, and are not too expensive. Here is my current favorite.

As for a coverup, I love this one. I actually have it in two colors and one of the best features is that it has pockets! Perfect for stowing your room key. It has enough coverage that I feel comfortable wearing it over my swimsuit while walking down to the pool or beach, or even grabbing coffee at Starbucks on our way to the pool.

☀️ If you are looking for more great items for the pool or beach, check out this list of everything you need for a trip to Florida.

3. A terrific travel diffuser

I hate the smell of stuffy hotel rooms, so I always bring a portable diffuser with me when I travel. I add a few drops of essential oils and voila, the room smells fantastic.

I use this one and have purchased it multiple times for gifts too. It’s lightweight, works well and I just throw it in a plastic bag in my suitcase so it’s ready to go on every trip we take.

Diffuser on the nightstand at a hotel

4. Thera Cane for back pain

If you suffer from back issues, consider picking up a Thera Cane. It’s terrific for traveling as it easily breaks down into two pieces and it works WONDERS for sore muscles.

If my back has been bothering me, I throw it on top of my clothes in my suitcase and it is a lifesaver. A few minutes of using it in the evening can make all the difference in how I feel the next day!

It’s also great to have on hand at home!

5. Snowshoes for winter sports

As an indulgent purchase, consider picking up some snow shoes now so you’ll be ready for winter fun. They are fairly affordable and will last for years!

We love using ours in the backyard but have also packed them for several winter vacations as an alternative (and typically free) source of entertainment.

Using our snowshoes in the winter

They are lightweight and come with their own carrying case, so easy for traveling. Your winter self will be thankful you picked them up early when that first snowfall arrives!

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More Amazon Prime Days Deals!

Gift Cards

A ton of different gift cards are on sale for $5 – $10.50 off. Some are actually $$ off, and others are in the form of Amazon credit, so read carefully, but regardless, this is a great way to save on future travel! I picked up an Uber card and one for Panera!

Air pods – on sale!

If you are looking for air pods so you can watch movies on the plane or listen to music while by the pool, Amazon Prime Days is a terrific time to pick them up!

Liquid IV – on sale!

I always throw a few packages of Liquid IV in my backpack – it’s a great way to ensure I drink more water AND stay hydrated. Especially when we are at the beach, hiking, or even just walking the strip in Las Vegas! I picked up a few packages myself today!

A new cooler for your next road trip!

If you haven’t picked up a new cooler for your next road trip, this is the week to do it! I found several terrific deals, but here is one of my favorites!

Fun kid’s yoga game!

We used to play this game all the time when the kids were little. It was a fun way to get a little exercise, role-model healthy behaviors, and have fun!

Taco Tuesday!

This cookbook was a Christmas gift from my kids – they know me well, I love tacos and I love to cook. Now, they love to eat, so it might have been for them as well.

There are so many more fantastic deals to snap up during Amazon Prime Days, but hopefully, these will get you started! I know I own and love everything on this list. All these items have come with me on many trips to make them more comfortable or enjoyable!

So stock up now so your future trips will be that much better.

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