As soon as my kids walk  into the house afterschool I start hearing the complaints “I’m hungry” or “I’m starving!”  I don’t want to feed them junk nor do I want them to fill up and not eat their dinner.  So, my solution is usually a little snack plate.

It’s a very simple formula (versus actual recipe) and can be manipulated to whatever you have on hand.  This is also a great way to use up bits of food left over from lunches and dinners.

Fruit + Vegetable + Healthy Fat/ Protein

Snack Plate

Just to prove how quick this is, I decided to time today’s snack.  I started at 3:48 and had two plates of goodies completed at 3:51.  So even with a few more minutes to clean up, this wasn’t very time-consuming.  Plus, while I had the veggies and fruits out, I went ahead and cut up and packed part of tomorrow’s lunch before I put them away!

Here is what today’s snack looked like:  1 peach, peeled and sliced, small slice of watermelon, a few cherry tomatoes and cucumbers from the garden and a few pieces of grass-fed sharp white cheddar.  Simple, healthy and filling.  The fruit andveggies are full of antioxidants and vitamins and the healthy fat from the cheese will help keep them full until dinner is ready.

Any fruits and veggies would work – mix it up everyday for variety.  If you don’t have cheese on hand, yogurt, hummus, nuts or seeds would  be great protein/ fat options.  This snack could also be prepared ahead of time and enjoyed in the car or on the say to soccer practice.

What variation can you come up with?  Share in the comments!

In addition to creating easy routines (like after school snacks and menu plans) to reduce your stress levels and give yourself more energy this time of year, why not try the Oil of the Month – Peppermint.  It’s a wonderful oil with tons of uses!  Learn more about it HERE.

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