Sorry it’s a little shaky – we need a camera person!  Anyone?

Pretty cool product isn’t it?  As promised, here is a link to purchase your own bottle of Organic Basic H2 so you can replace your cleaning products!

As we mentioned in the video, one bottle makes a TON of product.  In fact, here are the conversions – it’s pretty darn amazing, and you SAW how little time it took to make a bottle:

If you just made All purpose cleaner, ONE bottle of Basic H2 would give you  214  bottles (28 oz)!

You’d make over 5,704 bottles (28 oz again) of window cleaner, or 36 bottles (28 oz) of degreaser.

Quite a bargin if you ask me!

Thanks Tammy for joining me – and don’t forget to check out her site  and her Facebook page, so you can get your own bottle, and learn more about all the Shaklee products!



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