April 2013 Goals Re-cap

Various March 2013 016

Oh my goodness, am I doing the monthly re-cap already?  It feels like the month just started!!!

Well, here’s how it went . . .


  • I’m going to try this one again . . . Clean out filing cabinet – FAIL!  hmmm, wonder if I’ll ever get this one done!
  • Write and submit one guest post wrote and submitted two – haven’t been published yet though
  • Kick off Get Ready for Summer Group – Begins April 23rd!!!  – and we’re off to a good start!
  • Have blog posts written one week aheaddone, was a LIFESAVER on Spring Break!
  • Change website “giveaway”done – get your copy of “GREEN” your life in 3 easy steps HERE
  • Come up with some new seasonal recipesfavorite Roasted Asparagus, Freezer Burritos, and Vanilla Creamer
  • Host a giveaway! – Oops!  I forgot all about this one!


  • Read 4 booksdone:  Night Circus, Reached, Real Food Has Curves and The End of Your Life Book Club – check out my Amazon page to see and order these books or check them out at your local library!
  • Date Night and/or Weekend Away – No luck here, thanks to a lot of VERY late sports practices – what’s up with the 6:30 start times?  We did go on Spring Break with the family and friends, so we had a lot of good “away” time!
  • Hang out with my friends at least 2xdone!  Thank you Spring Break and a little Outlet shopping!
  • Exercise 5-6x per week done, new exercise classes, videos, and the treadmill (plus a little yoga)
  • One-on-one time with each childdone!  A girl’s afternoon with my daughter (including the bookstore and hot chocolate), and a “date night” with my little man!
  • Find new uses for Lavender Essential Oil done!  Check out this post and this post!  

What did you accomplish this month?  Anything fun?  Interesting?  Share in the comments please!

It’s not too late to join the Slique Weight Loss Challenge in Mayorder your oil today and you’ll have it by the end of the week.  We are going to release some pounds this month!