April 2013 Goals

Did you take last month’s challenge?  Even if you didn’t, feel free to join in this month!Various March 2013 016

A new month, time for some new goals!


  • I’m going to try this one again . . . Clean out filing cabinet
  • Write and submit one guest post
  • Kick off Get Ready for Summer Group – Begins April 23rd!!!  Join TODAY for a discount!
  • Have blog posts written one week ahead
  • Change website “giveaway”
  • Come up with some new seasonal recipes
  • Host a giveaway!


  • Read 4 books
  • Date Night and/or Weekend Away
  • Hang out with my friends at least 2x
  • Exercise 5-6x per week
  • One-on-one time with each child
  • Find new uses for Lavender Essential Oil (Interested in learning more about this oil with me? I’ll post my experiences throughout this month, and in the meantime you can pick up a bottle for yourself here – if you are interested in buying your oil ahead of time, next month I’m going to experiment with Slique.  You can also join the Oil of the Month club and get additional info on the oils each month)

Do you need accountability in meeting your goals?  Don’t even know what your goals are or how to accomplish your healthy dreams?  Contact me and we’ll set up a thirty minute Health and Wellness Breakthrough session to discuss where you are in your quest for a healthy, happy life and how you can successfully get there!

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