Are you Ready for the Weekend?

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Is the weekend coming up and you have nothing planned?  Although I love it when this happens (with two kids in sport it’s rare), if I’m not careful, we’ll end up doing nothing interesting.  Sunday night comes and I feel like I “wasted” my free time.

This ever happen to you?

I’ve found that if I don’t have a few ideas in place BEFORE the weekend when it comes along I panic and can’t think of anything.  To head this off, on Wednesday or Thursday I start jotting down ideas in my daily planner.  I’ll often also look a few key places to see if anything is going on (festivals, live music, etc.).

My favorite resources:

Facebook – so many events are listed on Facebook these days in the Events section.  Open it up and filter on the date and/or type of event.  I just opened it up and there are at least 20 different events listed for Friday night alone.

Yelp – I don’t use this as often for events, but I have found a few here and there that are interesting.  Do a search “Events this Weekend” and see what pops up.

Tourist Websites – If you act like your city is a vacation spot and go look at the tourist websites, you can come up with many excellent ideas of fun things to do.

Notes – I have a notes app on my phone with a tab labeled “Things to Do.”  Every time I think of something or the kids mention someplace they’d like to go, I jot it down.  Then when we are struggling with things to do, I can open up the app and rattle off a bunch of ideas (I also have a list labeled “Places to Eat”).

I don’t like to plan the weekend out minute by minute, but I have found that by using these resources BEFORE the weekend comes along I can have some terrific ideas and we end up enjoying those days off much more.

What about you?  Do you like planning out the weekend?  Do you search for things to do?  Any other great places to look?  Please share in the comments – I’d love some more ideas!