Want to know what you’ll do during these six weeks?  Check it out here:

Each week we’ll have an hour-long conference call (which will be recorded for you) where we’ll have a little education, discuss our goals and projects for the week, and get some time for Q&A.  You’ll also receive slides to accompany the calls, weekly handouts to help you keep track of your progress, a fun and useful homework assignment and a few little surprises along the way.

Week one:  Set Your Intentions

During the first week, we’ll each set our intentions for the six-week program – I’ll help you create concrete, achievable goals that meet those intentions.  You’ll get a little dietary education, and we’ll jump-start our healthy eating and exercise programs!

Week two:  Make that Plan Specific!

This week we’ll take our goals from week one and break them down into a series of steps that will help us reach them!  We’ll also learn about hydration and add in strength training.

Week three:  Work that Digestive System

Week three introduces the magic of a healthy digestive system.  You’ll learn why it’s so important and how you can help yours reach it’s optimum.  This week will be super helpful for those of you with digestive issues – we’ll discuss why they occur and some tricks to getting rid of them.  We’ll also increase our exercise commitment and get some delicious new recipes that will aide your digestion!

Week four:  Sleep is the Key!

For all of you insomniacs out there, this is the week for you!  We’ll discuss the importance of a good night’s sleep and a variety of steps to ensure you get it.  We’ll also delve a little bit into the issues around the current meat industry, and introduce ways to stretch your meat budget that will improve not only your health, but your family’s health too!

Week five:  Have a Little Fun

By now you are feeling and looking better – why not celebrate by adding some fun to your life?  We’ll talk about why this is so important and how you can ensure you are ENJOYING your life.  As a bonus this week, you’ll also get a copy of my Menu Planning e-course ($19.99 value) and we’ll discuss how to menu plan and why it can improve your health AND quality of life.

Week six:  Finish with a BANG!

Wow, summer is just about here and you have successfully finished the program!  This week we’ll review our progress, get tips for continuing on with this new healthy lifestyle and CELEBRATE our accomplishments!!!

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