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Are you lucky enough to be heading to the beach this Spring or Summer? We just finished a wonderful stay in Florida on the beach and plan on heading back to another Florida beach this summer. Although there are certain things I always pack wherever we travel, I’ve found that adding a few extra items specifically for beach vacations makes them much more enjoyable.

Ready to pack your bags?

  • Beach Basics. These are the no-brainers, yet somehow if I don’t have a list, I tend to forget them (there’s been more than one run to the store for bathing suits before …). Bathing suits, sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, flip flops, and beach towels. Even if you forget everything else, you can have a fun beach day with these essentials.

Daytona Beach, Florida


  • Fun Extras. Sand toys, beach chairs, a ball to kick or throw (volleyball, soccer ball and/or football), a beach umbrella, beach games (our friends brought Can Jam and washers, and both were a big hit), rafts or noodles. If we are driving I’ll throw some or all of these extras in the car. If we fly, I’ve found that a quick trip to the dollar store can take care of this category for very little money. On our last day, we will give them to another family at the same resort or ask the resort if they’d like them for guests.

Daytona Beach, Florida sunset

  • Tasty snacks. Even if you are flying, consider packing a soft-sided cooler in your bag – I usually just fill it with breakfast food or even clothing and then use it extensively once we arrive. It’s great to have for fruit, sandwiches, or drinks, easy to carry, and saves so much money versus buying overpriced drinks and snacks at beachside shops. If packing a cooler doesn’t work, pick up an inexpensive one once you arrive – it’ll easily pay for itself.

margarita, pack your own!

What are your beach essentials? Anything you always bring with you? With our next beach trip coming soon, I’d love additional tips!

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