Benefits of Bergamot and why YOU should have a bottle on hand!

Our oil this month is Bergamot.  So what IS Bergamot and why should I have a bottle of Bergamot Essential Oil on hand?  Young Living Bergamot

I’ll admit I had no idea what this oil was, so when I received my bottle, the first thing I did (of course) was open it up and take a whiff.

Mmm.  What a  yummy smell.  A little citrusy, a little perfumey (technical words I know), a little up-lifting while still being a little calming.  And somewhat familiar.

I loved it.

Immediately, I dabbed a bit on my pulse points as if it was a bottle of perfume.  Lovely.

Guess what, I still had no idea what this oil was – I just knew I liked it.  A little research was in order.

Bergamot is created from the rind of a citrus fruit similar to an orange.  And get this – adding bergamot essential oil to regular black tea = Earl Grey!  Who knew?   Plus, it’s often used as the top note in perfumes.  But it explained why it felt familiar.

Bergamot also has a whole host of wonderful properties:

  • Deodorant – works as a natural deodorant (which led me to another project I’ll share tomorrow)
  • Digestive – activates & increases secretions digestive acids, enzymes and bile (which facilitates digestion)
  • Analgesic – reduces feeling of pain (maybe that’s why a cup of tea is so soothing?)
  • Antidepressant  and relaxant – it is one of the best nerve pain remedies as it naturally soothes nerves and stimulates hormonal secretions

Nice, right?  I thought so and I’m now convinced that Bergamot is an oil we should ALL have on hand.  I know I’ll keep a bottle in stock (and use it frequently).   To make life easy, if you’d like a bottle, just click on the button below and it’ll come right to your house!  I can’t wait for you to open it up and take that first whiff!

Plus, getting your bottle this month will automatically mean you’re eligible for the Oil of the Month Club!

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