9 Best Places for Breakfast in Animal Kingdom 2024

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Heading to Animal Kingdom for the day? If you are smart and arrive at rope drop, odds are good you’ll need breakfast after your first few rides. So what are the best places to eat breakfast at Animal Kingdom?

We often stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge and so have to get up very early to make it there by rope drop – this means breakfast is almost always at the park instead of in the room.

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Best quick service breakfast in Animal Kingdom

There are several quick-service breakfast options at Animal Kingdom, but I do have a few favorites.

1. Yak & Yeti is my favorite breakfast at Animal Kingdom

My favorite “hearty” but quick breakfast at Animal Kingdom is the quick service at Yak & Yeti Local Food Cafes. Breakfast is available until 10:30 and the breakfast bowl is a fantastic and filling option.

Go to Yak & Yeti for the best quick service breakfast in Animal Kingdom

My daughter and I can easily split the regular breakfast bowl – it’s loaded with potatoes, scrambled eggs, cheese, peppers, and onions. Sprinkle a little hot sauce on top and it’s delicious! There is an option to add bacon or sausage for just $1 more.

2. Kusafiri Coffee Shop & Bakery

A quick and easy breakfast can be found at the Kusafiri Coffee Shop & Bakery. It’s an easy stop on the way to the Safari from Pandora. Grab a sausage, egg & cheese biscuit, and a coffee and you can eat breakfast on the go!

If you want something sweet, you can also get a HUGE cinnamon roll, but for filling – go for the breakfast sandwich.

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Best table service breakfast at Animal Kingdom

Although Animal Kingdom has some fantastic food options, there aren’t many table service choices for breakfast.

3. Tusker House

The BEST spot for a table service breakfast at Animal Kingdom is Tusker House. It’s pricey, but it’s a buffet AND you’ll get to interact with Donald and some of his friends (all in safari gear). The food was pretty good the last time we enjoyed it and we loved getting to enjoy Jamba Juice instead of regular orange juice!

Is there a character breakfast at Animal Kingdom?

The only character dining at Animal Kingdom is at Tusker House.

What characters are at Tusker House?

Donald Duck will definitely be at Tusker House and the other characters may vary slightly, but it will be some combination of Daisy, Mickey, Goofy, or other Fab Five characters. All of them are in safari gear which will make for adorable pictures!

Is Tusker House at Animal Kingdom a breakfast buffet?

Yes, Tusker House is a breakfast buffet. The only additional cost would be specialty or alcoholic drinks.

Different options for breakfast in Animal Kingdom

Not in the mood for the typical breakfast? Or just don’t want to take the time? Here are a few unique options for breakfast at Animal Kingdom.

4. Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company

There are two Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company locations in Animal Kingdom. The first one is at the main entrance, so if you arrive early enough you can pick up a quick coffee and pastry before you even enter the park.

Coffee from Joffrey's is always a good idea for breakfast at Animal Kingdom

The second Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company location is inside the park in Asia. I’m never on that side of the park in the early morning, but I have often enjoyed the specialty coffees as an afternoon break!

5. Harambe Fruit Market

Years ago, when visiting Animal Kingdom, we were hungry for breakfast and had been visiting the parks for several days so my son was a little tired. He was pretty young – maybe 4 or 5. We asked him what he wanted for breakfast and he said strawberries. I remember thinking that there was no way I was going to find him fresh fruit (let alone strawberries) at a quick service stop in the park.

We happened to be standing next to Harambe Fruit Market, and lo and behold, they had strawberries! Score!!!

So, if you are in the mood for some fresh fruit (might not always be strawberries), stop by Harambe Fruit Market. You could even add some Babybell cheese to make it a more filling meal.

6. Nomad Lounge

An unusual breakfast choice, but a valid one if you can wait until 11 to eat (which if you grab a granola bar and coffee in your room before you arrive is pretty easy to do), is to stop at the Nomad Lounge right when it opens. To me, this is the best breakfast at Animal Kingdom!

Appetizers at the Nomad Lounge can count as breakfast.

I love the Nomad Lounge so much for the food, drinks, and atmosphere, that it’s a rare trip to Animal Kingdom that we don’t stop there for a late breakfast/early lunch.

Even on a hot day, it’s lovely to sit on the deck under the fans and take a break from the crowds. The last few years we’ve gotten to see the fun Disney boats with characters cruise by as we recharge for the afternoon!

see the characters at Animal KIngdom

7. Rainforest Cafe

At the entrance to Animal Kingdom is Rainforest Cafe. You don’t actually have to go into the park to eat breakfast here, because it’s just before the park entrance.

The food is nothing special, but the atmosphere is a ton of fun – especially for kids. Rainforest Cafe or T-Rex (in Disney Springs) used to always be on our restaurant list when the kids were little.

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8. Creature Comforts

The Starbucks location at Animal Kingdom is called Creature Comforts. Although we are big Starbucks fans, I’ve actually never stopped at this one! It’s on the way to Pandora and I’m usually making a mad rush to get in line for Avatar, so stopping just isn’t an option.

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9. Eat before you arrive

This final suggestion is for visitors who value rides over food. Instead of eating breakfast at Animal Kingdom, grab a bite to eat in your room. You’ll 100% save time and money. In fact, if cutting costs is important for your Disney vacation, this is an easy way to do it.

enjoy breakfast on your balcony before heading to a DIsney Park

Just by making your own coffee (all the rooms have coffee makers) and enjoying bagels, cereal, yogurt, or other simple breakfasts you can make in your room, you’ll easily save $30 or more for a family of 4!

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Conclusion: The BEST Breakfasts in Animal Kingdom

Hopefully, you are now prepared for Animal Kingdom breakfasts. With plenty of options for every type of breakfast eater, you are sure to find the BEST breakfast in Animal Kingdom for YOU.


Heading to Animal Kingdom for the day? If you are smart and arrive at rope drop, odds are good you’ll need breakfast after your first few rides. 
So, ready for the 9 best breakfasts in Animal Kingdom? #disney #animalkingdom #disneydining
Heading to Animal Kingdom for the day? If you are smart and arrive at rope drop, odds are good you’ll need breakfast after your first few rides. 
So, ready for the 9 best breakfasts in Animal Kingdom? #disney #animalkingdom #disneydining