The 8 BEST Family Games 2024

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With winter coming, more of our time will probably be spent inside. For my family, that means plenty of game nights. We’ll give just about any game a try, but these are the BEST family games – the ones we come back to time and time again. I often even bring several along when we travel!

My favorite types of games are the ones that are easy enough for everyone to enjoy, a little challenging, everyone has a chance to win and we can talk while we are playing. In other words, they don’t require 100% concentration. All of these suggestions fit that description perfectly!

The Best Family Card Games

Card games are fun to play, travel well, and are always a classic!

1. Euchre

A few years ago, we decided it was time to teach our kids to play Euchre. If you live in Indiana, knowing how to play is important. This card game shows up at every family gathering, many parties, etc. So, we felt it was time. We taught them the basics and then played a round every night for a few weeks until they understood some of the nuances.

The great thing about Euchre is all you need is a deck of cards. So, I keep a deck in the car, in my overnight bag, and several around the house. That way, we can play wherever we are. I can’t begin to explain it in a blog post, so here is a terrific YouTube video I found with the rules.

2. Five Crowns

A version of rummy, Five Crowns is definitely one of the best family games out there. The rules are simple and pretty much everyone can play. Even small kids can “help.” We pull this one out often, and as it’s small, it also travels well.

3. Uno

Uno is one of the easiest and best family games to start younger kids with. I keep an Uno deck in the car and if we are waiting for dinner to be served at a restaurant or are visiting a brewery or winery with the kids, we’ll play a few rounds.

💥 BONUS! Lately, we’ve been playing Uno Flip a lot which is a REALLY FUN variation of Regular Uno!!!

The Best Family Dice Games

Dice are another family favorite for the same reason we love card games – they travel well and are easy and fun to play. I always carry six dice with me (in the car, in my purse, in my laptop bag) so we are always ready to play!

playing Farkle; picture shows dice and gameboard

4. Farkle

Oh, how we love to play Farkle. It is probably our favorite dice game. Although you can purchase a kit with a container to roll the dice in, I honestly just keep six dice and a scorecard in my purse. Then we can pull it out whenever we want to play. Kids and adults alike love this game, so there have been many rounds played while we are visiting with friends or family.

5. Yahtzee

One spring break we played Yahtzee every day – multiple times a day. By the pool. In the condo. At the beach. What I love about Yahtzee is that although it’s fun for all four of us to play, it’s also a terrific game for just two people. So if just one kid is at home, this is a game we’ll often pull out.

💥BONUS: We recently started playing FLASH! and it’s quite fun. It moves fast and is a fantastic family game.

The Best Family Board Games

Sometimes it’s fun to just play a good old-fashioned board game!

6. Monopoly

Although there are dozens of versions of Monopoly out there, we always go back to the classic. It’s a fun board game that every family should own. We tend to pull it out on lazy and cold winter afternoons. We pop bowls of popcorn and set it out on the floor next to the fire and play until we have a winner!

7. Sorry

Another classic board game, Sorry is just plain fun! It can be a quick game or a long game – all depending upon how you play and how much luck you have. We have a few different versions, but the original is still our favorite.

8. Rack-O

So maybe Rack-o fits better under the category of card games, but since it comes in a box and contains more than just cards, I tend to think of it as a board game! Rack-O is the perfect game for a family of four. We taught our kids to play when they were pretty young (6 or 7) and continue to play it together regularly now that they are teens.

Playing yahtzee for family game night!

So what is your favorite family game? We are ALWAYS willing to try a new one, so please share what you love to play!!!

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Do you love to play family games? We do, and here is a list of all of our favorites. From dice games, to cards to board games I've got everything you need to love game night! #gamenight #familygames
Do you love to play family games? We do, and here is a list of all of our favorites. From dice games, to cards to board games I've got everything you need to love game night! #gamenight #familygames