Best Hidden spots in Las Vegas

BEST Hidden Spots in Las Vegas

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On our last Vegas trip, we decided to spend a little time finding as many hidden secrets on the Las Vegas strip as we could. I’m sure we missed plenty, but three of them were definite standouts! And, all three hidden spots are in the Cosmopolitan.

Ready for the 3 BEST hidden spots on the Las Vegas Strip?

1. Indulge in Margaritas and Nachos at Ghost Donkey

The Ghost Donkey is SUCH a fun hidden secret on the Las Vegas Strip. Located behind the food court at the Cosmopolitan, it’s not easy to find, but it’s well worth the effort.

My best advice is to go searching for it early so that you can be there right when it opens. The bar can be a bit tricky to find and it’s quite small so doesn’t hold many people.

We wandered around for quite some time until we located it between two food spots in the food court. Walk to the back and look for this door:

The Ghost Donkey is one of the BEST hidden spots on the Las Vegas Strip

If it’s just before 4 (or whenever it opens when you are there), there will probably be a line to get in. Luckily for us, it was a short line so we entered quickly and were able to get a table versus many folks who came later and had to stand.

The menu consists of a variety of nachos along with tasty margaritas, tequilas, and other fun drinks. As we’d just eaten, we stuck with drinks, but the nachos going by did look delicious.

Next time I’ll plan it so we can enjoy an early dinner or late-night snack!

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2. Secret Pizza – BEST Pizza on the Las Vegas Strip

The reason we weren’t hungry is due to our earlier visit to the secret pizza place. Also located in the Cosmopolitan but on the third floor, this one isn’t as difficult to find. Next to Blue Ribbon is a long hallway lined with records. Follow the hallway to the BEST pizza on the Las Vegas Strip.

We actually smelled the pizza before we found the hallway! With a variety of tasty slices, it’s a great place to grab a quick and inexpensive meal.

As the slices are typical New York style, they are pretty large and filling. There are a few counters and small tables but it’s really more of a grab-and-go type place.

BEST pizza on the Las Vegas Strip

Through the years we’ve tried many of the pizza places in Las Vegas, and this one is definitely my favorite – the pizza isn’t greasy, the sauce is yummy and it’s quick and easy.

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3. Live it up with live music at a speakeasy

Located on the first floor behind an actual barbershop is a super cool speakeasy. When we visited, it didn’t open until 6, so we had to wait til then to really experience it, but the lovely employee working the counter gave us a quick peek!

You enter the speakeasy through the door marked Janitor in the back of the barbershop on the first floor of the Cosmopolitan. The room is much larger than I expected and the bar is absolutely gorgeous. It was actually showcased in the movie “The Greatest Showman.”

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Most nights live music starts around 10, but since we were there earlier we didn’t wait around. You do have to pay for the seating with drink minimums, but you can also just order a drink from the bar and walk around or just sit at the bar.

Check out the Barbershop at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas

I’m not gonna lie, drinks are pricey, but you can’t beat the atmosphere so I know I’ll be stopping by again on my next trip!

So what is your favorite hidden spot on the Las Vegas Strip? It was such a fun day searching for these places to visit in Las Vegas that I’m anxious to learn about and find even more!


Are you planning a trip to Las Vegas? Make it extra fun by searching out these hidden secrets! You'll have fun finding them and even more fun enjoying them! #LasVegas #hiddengems #VegasFun
Are you planning a trip to Las Vegas? Make it extra fun by searching out these hidden secrets! You'll have fun finding them and even more fun enjoying them! #LasVegas #hiddengems #VegasFun