Best local coffee shops north of Indy

BEST local coffee shops North of Indy

Love coffee? Me too. In fact, one of my favorite lounging around shirts has the saying “Coffee ’til Cocktails” on the front. Pretty much sums it up for me!

Although I do like Starbucks, what I really enjoy is checking out local coffee shops. We will even often add that to our vacation itineraries as an afternoon treat.

So you can bet, I’ve explored all the coffee shops near me. Today I’m sharing my favorites located North of Indianapolis.

Best coffee shops North of Indy

Noble Coffee & Tea – this one is just a mile from my house and right downtown on the charming Noblesville square so it’s definitely a favorite. For years, I would take my kids there for coffee shop day before school started once a week so this place has lots of great memories for me.

It has two rooms with plenty of seating for working or meeting with friends. My teen daughter and her friends love to hang out at this coffee shop and study for finals or summer school. Of course, the coffee is excellent AND they have Circle City Kombucha on tap. Yum!

Plus, Noble Coffee has the all-time best Chai Latte. And it’s not just me who says that – everyone I know agrees. I challenge you to find a better one out there – I know I’ve tried and failed.

Indie Coffee Roasters

Indie Coffee Roasters – right on the edge of downtown Carmel, the vibe in this coffee shop is relaxing but a little edgy. The coffee is strong and bold which I love. The decor is a bit industrial and I’m a huge fan of the outside patio. It’s a little far for me for regular visits, but if I’m near Carmel I’ll definitely stop by!

Remnant coffee shop in Arcadia, IN

My new favorite coffee shop is Remnant in Arcadia. With delicious coffee, tasty treats, and TONS of quiet places to work, it’s coffee shop heaven.

I love the little “booth-like” areas in the back and just in front of the coffee counter is a lovely sitting area with a fireplace and comfy places to sit.

Although they do serve a light breakfast and lunch menu, my favorite thing to order is a scone and an Americano. Yum!

Do you love local coffee shops? Share your favorites in the comments and I’ll be sure to check them out next time I travel to your area!

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Best local coffee shops north of Indy

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  1. I am not a coffee drinker unless it is Cuban loaded with sugar! I need to find more kinds that like since it is so difficult to find! These look so tempting!

    1. Try a Vietnamese iced coffee – it’s strong coffee poured over sweetened condensed milk – yummy and usually quite sweet!

  2. I love the sign, it was so cute. Anytime someone puts a heart on my coffee they get an extra tip. Let’s be real. You took the time to send love, so I will send love back to you.

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