The BEST Shoes for Disney World & Amusement Parks in 2024

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Heading to Disney World or another amusement park this year? If so, one of the most important things you can do to ensure you have a terrific trip is to pick the best shoes for walking around all day. If your feet hurt from not wearing the best shoes for an amusement park, you won’t have a great day. Guaranteed.

The BEST Shoes to wear at Disney World are comfortable ones.

As we own annual passes to Disney World and visit often, I’ve become a pro over the years at selecting the best shoes for Disney World. And, since our days at Epcot often surpass 25,000 steps, if these shoes are perfect for Disney World, they will fit the bill for any other theme park or day of walking!

Things to consider when selecting the BEST shoes walking all day at Disney World

Ready to reap my years of experience? Here are my top tips to consider when selecting your shoes …

The BEST shoes for Disney World are not new shoes

This kinda goes without saying, right? Don’t buy new shoes for your trip to Disney World, or any other trip where you will be walking all day unless you break them in first.

Even if the shoes are exactly the same as a pair you already own and love, don’t do it. Go ahead and buy the new shoes, just wear them around town for a week or so before you attempt a full day of walking at a theme park.

The BEST shoes at Disney World can be worn ALL day!

Cushion and comfort are key

Since you’ll be on your feet all day, the shoes you select must be uber comfortable AND have a little cushioning. Even young feet could use a little lift by the end of a long day of walking.

If you wear orthotics, make sure they fit the shoes you are wearing properly, and don’t forget to bring them.

On our last trip to Disneyland, both my husband and son were struggling by the end of the first day with their shoes. We popped over to CVS to pick up some inserts, and although they had the right size for my son, they didn’t for my husband. If he’d brought some with him, he wouldn’t have had to go without.

Do I need waterproof shoes at Disney World?

I have yet to visit Disney World where it didn’t rain at least once or twice. So it’s important to wear shoes that are breathable and dry quickly.

Even on days when it’s not supposed to rain, if it’s hot your feel will feel better (and not be as likely to get blisters) if they aren’t smothered and can breathe a bit.

Although my favorite shoes for Disney World aren’t waterproof, they do dry quickly. So, I don’t think you need waterproof shoes as long as your shoes are water-resistant and/or dry fast. This is a BIG bonus if you plan on riding any water rides. Soggy shoes aren’t fun for lots of walking.

The best shoes for Disney World can get wet.

Lightweight and packable shoes are the best for travel

Whether you drive or fly, it’s convenient to have lightweight and easy-to-pack shoes when you are traveling. No one wants to drag around heavy luggage, and shoes add a LOT of weight.

It’s ideal if they don’t get bent out of shape when packing – flexible and light soles will do the trick here.

I like to pack my shoes along the sides of my carry-on so that the soles are facing out – this keeps the rest of my clothing cleaner and it’s especially easy to slip the sandals in after everything else is packed.

How many pairs of shoes should you pack for Disney World?

If you plan on visiting all four parks, you are going to be walking. A lot. Even if you have shoes you love and you know will be comfortable all day, pack at least two pairs.

There is just something wonderful about wearing a different pair of shoes the second day of walking or even just changing shoes before heading back out after a break in the day.

I only pack two pairs of shoes for a long weekend. If it’s a longer trip, I’ll pack three – a brown pair of sandals, a black pair of sandals, and white sneakers. Years ago I’d pack ALL the cute shoes, but I’d end up not wearing them, or just wearing them for one dinner out. Luckily I’ve wised up since those days!

Can you wear flip-flops to Disney World?

It depends upon your definition of flip-flops as well as your feet. I typically wear my all-time favorite shoes for Disney World or any amusement park most days, and they ARE flip-flops. But, they aren’t flimsy or cheap ones.

The best shoes for Disney World can also go to the pool or beach

The bonus of having a good pair of flip-flops or sandals is that they work at the pool or beach as well as the parks.

Don’t forget about the first aid building

Even if you’ve followed all these tips, it’s still possible you’ll end up with blisters. Disney World had a first aid building in every park. Ask a cast member where it is and then head over there for band-aids.

This is also useful if you ignore my advice and try to wear cute shoes that don’t meet all the criteria. I’ve done it and was sorry I did, but the first aid building saved me with enough band-aids to last me until I could get back to the resort and change shoes.

My recommendations for the BEST shoes for Disney World & Amusement Parks

Ready to learn what I wear on my trips? I haven’t deviated from these two styles in several years of Disney World, Disneyland, California Adventure, Busch Gardens, and Knott’s Berry Farm. No blisters, no foot pain after DAYS of walking.

The BEST sandals for Disney World

I have been wearing the Sketchers Reggae Trailway sandal in a variety of patterns for at least six or seven years now. On most vacations, I bring two or three pairs in different colors and wear them every day.

Sketchers Reggae Trailway

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For me, they have just enough support, are lightweight, breathable, it doesn’t matter if they get wet as they dry quickly, and even work well for the pool – no additional pool shoes needed.

They are cute enough that I can get by wearing them with sundresses as well as shorts and jeans, so I let them do double duty when we go out to dinner. If you look closely you’ll see them in 95% of my Disney World pictures.

The BEST tennis shoes for Disney World & amusement parks

Tennis shoes are a new addition to my theme park footwear. For YEARS I strictly wore my beloved sketchers sandals. However, as I’ve started to visit the parks in cooler weather, I discovered (the hard way), that I needed warmer shoes.

I gave my Converse a try since that’s what my kids swear by, and although I didn’t get blisters, my feet were pretty tired by the end of the day. I also tried my favorite cozy Toms. Sadly I had to head to the first aid spot after just a few hours … dang blisters.

After much research, I ordered a pair of Allbirds Tree Skippers. Talk about life-changing shoes.

Allbirds Tree Skippers

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Super lightweight, adorable with shorts, jeans, or skirts, breathable, cushioned insert, AND machine-washable. These shoes have it all.

I’m not gonna lie, they are pricey, but so well made that they will easily last for years. I love them so much I’m planning on trying out a slip-on pair down the road. They also have styles for men, so get them for your traveling partners too!

Do you think carefully about the best shoes for walking around amusement parks all day? If so, what is your favorite?


The BEST shoes for Disney World or any other amusement park have a few important qualities. Learn what you need to look for as well as recommendations for my favorites! #themeparks #amusementparks #travelshoes
The BEST shoes for Disney World or any other amusement park have a few important qualities. Learn what you need to look for as well as recommendations for my favorites! #themeparks #amusementparks #travelshoes