Vegas in the morning

Best things to do in the morning in Las Vegas

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Although Las Vegas is well-known as a nighttime town, there are actually a lot of fun things to do in Las Vegas in the morning. And, if you are flying in from the east coast, odds are good, you’ll at least start the week on east coast time – which means you’ll find yourself waking up by 7:00 Vegas time.

Or, maybe you just want to enjoy a quieter, calmer Las Vegas. Either way, here are the best things to do in the morning in Las Vegas.

Things to do in Vegas in the morning outside

Even in the summer, mornings in Las Vegas are lovely. In fact, on really hot summer days, early mornings are the BEST time to spend a little time outside. It’s the only time you won’t have to worry about overheating. So, if you want to be outside, here are the best morning activities in Vegas.

1. Enjoy the pool

This is definitely one of my favorite Vegas morning activities. Especially since we always visit in June or July when the temperature can easily reach 110+ degrees.

Most pools open at 9:00, so I like to grab a coffee at the nearest Starbucks, pick a chair (with an umbrella for later), a good book, and relax. If you plan on being outside at the pool most of the day, start yourself off in the shade – by the time the sun comes up you’ll be finished with your coffee and ready for the sun and a tasty cocktail!

Relaxing by the pool is one of the best things to do in the morning in Las Vegas.

Depending upon your hotel, your pool might be calm and relaxing or a real party scene, but regardless of its reputation, I have discovered early morning they are ALL pretty chill.

After a full day at the pool, you’ll be ready to clean up and head out for a fun evening!

👉 Find your perfect Las Vegas hotel through ParkMGM is my current favorite for its pools, price, and the fact that it’s non-smoking, and there are always good deals for it on this site!

2. Walk the strip

If you aren’t in the mood for a day at the pool, why not head out for a walk on the strip? The Las Vegas Strip in the morning is a completely different experience than the Las Vegas Strip at night.

In the morning, the Las Vegas Strip is quiet, calm, and much cooler. There isn’t much in the way of foot traffic, so you can enjoy strolling the sidewalks, taking fun pictures, and really admiring the amazing buildings.

Walk the strip for something to do in Las Vegas in the morning

It’s also easier to cover a lot of ground in the morning since the temperature is more comfortable. You might be able to walk the entire strip without breaking a sweat.

Plus, after walking for a few hours, you’ve burned off some of those extra cocktail and restaurant meal calories!

If you feel like popping into a casino or two as you walk, you’ll find that it’s easy to hop onto any machine you desire – no crowds!

👉 You’ll need comfortable shoes if you plan to walk the strip, so be sure to pack some. My personal favorites (and the ones I wear every day in Las Vegas) are these Sketchers Reggae Trailway sandals.

3. Flamingos and fish at the Flamingo

Opening at dawn, you can check out the flamingo habitat at The Flamingo Casino. Walk through the lush gardens to view the flamingos, and several ponds full of fish and turtles.

It’s a lovely little oasis in the middle of the busy Las Vegas strip. And, it’s free!

Things to do in Las Vegas mornings indoors

Not in the mood for the pool or walking the strip? There are still plenty of fun things to do in the morning in Vegas that will keep you inside!

4. Hop on the monorail

The monorail is a fun way to spend a morning or an entire day exploring the Las Vegas strip. For a minimal fee ($13 for 24 hours at this time), you can ride up and down the strip checking out a variety of casinos without breaking a sweat.

Start at one end of the monorail (MGM is a great starting point), ride it to the other end, and then work your way back getting off at each stop and doing a bit of exploring the Las Vegas strip.

You can make a game of it by betting $20 in each casino to see how well you can do, or maybe try a treat or a drink at each location. It’s so easy to spend the morning or an entire day along the monorail that you’ll find yourself repeating this activity on future visits!

👉 A monorail day is just one of the activities we enjoy in Vegas for under $20. Check out this post to learn about the rest of them!

5. Enjoy a tasty breakfast

Morning = breakfast. Right? Luckily there are so many delicious spots for breakfast on the Las Vegas strip that you can have your pick.

Whether you like inexpensive and hearty (like Blondies at Planet Hollywood), a little bit elegant (Primrose at Park MGM or Mon Ami Gabi at Paris), or a traditional Las Vegas buffet, the perfect breakfast for you can be found on the Las Vegas strip.

Breakfast in Las Vegas is one of my favorite Vegas morning activities.

When you find yourself up early in the morning in Las Vegas (thanks to that time change), do yourself a favor and go get breakfast!

6. Coffee and conservatory

The Bellagio Conservatory is a fun place to explore at any time of the day in Las Vegas, but it’s especially wonderful to include it as one of your morning activities in Las Vegas.

Grab a cup of coffee at a Starbucks along the way (there are plenty to choose from on the strip) and head over to the Bellagio. Without the afternoon and evening crowds, you can take your time enjoying the gorgeous floral displays while enjoying your delicious coffee! Plus, it’s so much easier to take great photos when there aren’t people all around!

Bellagio Conservatory - things to do in las vegas morning

7. Play a little blackjack

If you like table games, you’ll be much more likely to find cheaper table games in the morning. Instead of the $25 minimum tables, you’ll easily find $10 tables – and sometimes even $5!

So, if you like playing blackjack, craps, or the like, play in the morning and your money will go a lot farther!

8. Take a tour

Most of the day trips start in the morning, so if you are planning on a day trip to the Hoover Dam or Red Rock Canyon, you’ll probably want to get an early start!

👉Check out this highly-rated Hoover Dam tour that starts at 8:00 and includes lunch!

FAQs about Las Vegas in the morning

Is Las Vegas open 24 hours a day?

Yes, Las Vegas is open 24 hours a day! It’s definitely the city that never sleeps.

What is the least busy time in Las Vegas?

January and February, and late June through August are the slowest times in Las Vegas.

Is alcohol served 24/7 in Las Vegas?

Yes, alcohol is served all day in Las Vegas. So you can enjoy morning mimosas as well as late-night beer!

Can you walk on the strip with alcohol?

Yes, it is legal to walk on the strip with alcohol.

Conclusion: Best things to do in Las Vegas in the morning

Although Las Vegas is a fun place to visit and explore any time of the day, there is something really special about it in the mornings, so if you find yourself up early, take advantage of it and enjoy some of these things to do in Vegas in the morning.


Find yourself waking up early when visiting Las Vegas? There are still plenty of FUN things to do - check out this list and make the most of those early mornings! #lasvegas #vegastravel #vegasmornings
Find yourself waking up early when visiting Las Vegas? There are still plenty of FUN things to do - check out this list and make the most of those early mornings! #lasvegas #vegastravel #vegasmornings