BEST Things to Do in Tipton Indiana: Everyday Adventures! (2024)

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Are you looking for the BEST things to do in Tipton Indiana? If you’re looking for an ideal destination to create lasting memories with your loved ones near Indianapolis, family Tipton County Indiana day trips are a fantastic option.

Just north of Hamilton County, the charming town of Tipton offers plenty of exciting activities and attractions for families to enjoy. When we run out of things to do in our town, we’ll often head up to Tipton for a change of pace.

From exploring picturesque parks and discovering historical landmarks to indulging in delicious local cuisine and catching a show in an old-time theater, Tipton County Indiana promises a day (and night!) filled with fun and excitement for the entire family.

So, pack a cooler (you’ll need it for the goodies you buy at the market), gather your loved ones, and join me on a memorable journey through Tipton County’s remarkable family-friendly experiences!

shopping in downtown Tipton Indiana

12 BEST Things to Do in Tipton Indiana

1. Shopping in Tipton at the downtown boutiques

If you haven’t yet strolled through the downtown boutiques of Tipton, you’re seriously missing out! I was really impressed with how many charming shops we found. Picture this: quaint storefronts with hand-painted signs, window displays that tell you a story even before you step in, and that undeniable small-town warmth that just invites you to explore.

The last time we went to Tipton, I made it a point to start our day hunting for some local gems. And boy, did we find some! The boutiques here are just the right mix of vintage finds, artisan goods, and modern flair.

Insider tip: Many of these boutiques are family-owned, so the hours can be a bit unpredictable. It’s always a good idea to check their social media pages for the latest timings and any special sales they might be having.

And the best part? Shopping local means you’re supporting small businesses and that just feels good, doesn’t it? Plus, you get to walk away with something truly unique that you’re not gonna find in those big-box stores. Win-win!

2. Cool off in the Tipton City pool

Love a good pool day? Me too! Nestled on the north side of the city park, the 50-meter Tipton City Pool is an absolute blast for the whole family. They’ve even got a curly water slide that the kiddos can’t get enough of (just make sure you meet those height and weight requirements!).

For the sporty types, there are two water basketball goals, and if diving is more your jam, they’ve got a dive well too. Plenty of tables, chairs, and shade spots make it super comfy for a full-day outing. Oh, and the concession stand is a lifesaver—stacked with all the snacks and goodies you could wish for.

Admission is super affordable, and the pool is open every day from 12:00 to 7:00 p.m., and get this, on Wednesdays, they even extend the fun till 11:00 p.m.! Weather permitting, you can splash around from Memorial Day right up until school starts.

Tipton City Pool, 225 W. South Street Tipton, IN

Tipton County Indiana Courthouse

3. Tipton County Historical Society

If you’re a history buff like me—or even if you’re just curious about the stories that shaped Tipton—you should swing by the Tipton County Historical Society. Established way back in 1921, this place is like a time capsule of the community’s rich history.

From the moment you walk in, you’ll be greeted by an array of artifacts, old documents, and vintage photographs that literally bring Tipton County’s past to life. I mean, I was mesmerized! They offer some super engaging programs and events that’ll give you a whole new appreciation for the area.

There is a gift shop on site, and they are open Tuesday through Friday from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., making it a perfect afternoon stop. I like to stop in after a little shopping – mix up my afternoon a bit!

Tipton County Historical Society, 323 W. South St. Tipton, IN

The Diana Theatre in Tipton, IN

4. Catch a movie at the Diana Theatre

Is a movie and dinner your standard date night? Or a typical weekend outing for the family? We actually only do dinner and a movie a few times a year, but recently we decided to not just complete this common night out, but kick it up a notch by enjoying it in a nearby small town.

Since I love old theaters (my current favorite is the Artcraft in Franklin), we decided it was time to introduce the kids to the Diana Theatre in Tipton, IN. I’ve been multiple times but this particular visit was their first, and it’s one the best things to do in Tipton Indiana at night.

The Diana has been showing movies since 1926 and has been family-owned the whole time. There is only one theater, but the shows change frequently. Typically the Diana will show one movie for a week or two, with two showings a night at 7 and 9:30. They are all first-run movies. The best way to discover what is playing is to call the theater or check out their Facebook page.

Unfortunately, on that night, I’d forgotten it does take some time to drive up there, so it was a movie first and THEN dinner. Thank goodness the prices at the Diana are amazing. I was able to offer plenty of popcorn and snacks to tide everyone over without breaking the bank.

Insider tip: One caveat, remember this is an OLD theater, so the seats are not leather and do not recline. In fact, they are pretty worn and stained from years of use, so if you have a germaphobe in your family, keep this in mind and prepare them accordingly.

Concession prices at the Diana in Tipton, Indiana

Diana Theatre, 137 E. Jefferson St. Tipton, IN

5. Try bowling at Suburban Lanes

If you haven’t visited Suburban Lanes in Tipton, you’re missing out on a total gem. This place is like stepping back in time with a modern twist—think old-school prices but with all the latest amenities. It’s definitely a highlight of the things to do in Tipton County Indiana.

Locally owned, it’s more than just a bowling alley. They’ve got pool tables, an arcade chock-full of games, and yes, a fully stocked bar for the adults! Feeling peckish? Hit up their snack bar.

Hours are quite limited, so definitely give them a call before you head over. We’ve had many a fun night bowling as a family at this friendly bowling alley.

Suburban Lanes, 4285 S State Road 19, Tipton, IN

6. Enjoy music at the park

Tipton City Park is a large park right off of SR19 on your way into town. Lots of events happen there, including frequent concerts during the summer months. There is plenty of parking, a few picnic tables, and typically a food truck.

We like to pack a cooler or pick up snacks at the Market or even just ice cream cones at The South Pole, grab a picnic table, and play some cards or dice while we listen to the music. It’s my favorite choice of free things to do in Tipton Indiana! There is nothing like enjoying a beautiful Indiana summer night outside with music in the background.

Tipton City Park, 550 City Park Drive, Tipton, IN

Flower Bar at Horton's at the French Market in Tipton Indiana

7. Have fun at a local festival

I love a good festival and Tipton is home to several fantastic ones. The Tipton County Pork Festival is probably the most famous. It’s a huge festival held in early September and as you can probably anticipate, celebrates everything pork-related.

We used to go to this festival every year to indulge in fresh pulled pork, and corn on the cob while we let the kids have fun on the carnival rides. There is usually also live music, and the weather in Indiana is typically pretty nice that time of the year.

A few other notable festivals are hosted by Hortons Home & Garden. One of my personal favorites is the French Market held in mid-June. Vendors have all kinds of lovely home goods, clothing, jewelry, and fresh flowers.

The last time we visited it, one of my favorite stops was the make-your-own bouquet station. It was an adorable way to create your own lovely centerpiece to enjoy later at home.

Horton’s also holds an Autumn Market, Christmas Open House, and Spring Open House. So there really are seasonal festivals in Tipton Indiana all throughout the year. If you enjoy festivals, plan your Tipton County Indiana day trips during one (or more!) of them.

Top Tipton Indiana Restaurants

Although there aren’t a lot of restaurants in Tipton Indiana, there are enough for a day trip. You might not experience a five-course meal, but you won’t go hungry!

PIzza Shack pizza from Tipton, IN

8. The Shack

The Shack is by far the most well-known of the restaurants in Tipton County Indiana.

The Pizza Shack is truly a Tipton tradition. It’s been around since 1974 serving Tipton’s favorite pizza. It’s currently being remodeled with a complete overhaul – we’ve been watching the progress and it looks like it will be amazing!

While the remodel is going on, you can still enjoy the famous pizza by picking up a frozen one a the Market on Main.

The Shack, 311 E. Jefferson St. Tipton, IN

Market on Main in Tipton Indiana

9. Market on Main

The Market on Main is a new grocery store in downtown Tipton. So why is a grocery store on my list of restaurants in Tipton? Because the Market on Main is more than just a grocery store.

In addition to picking up quality groceries, at the Market on Main, you can enjoy daily hot lunch specials, grab-and-go sandwiches, freshly-baked muffins, baked goods, and more.

Picking up coffee and a muffin before you start your day in Tipton or grabbing some sandwiches to enjoy during a show or festival is a terrific idea!

Market on Main, 102 N. Main Street, Tipton, IN

10. East Street Provisions

East Street Provisions is the farm-to-fork café that’s giving Downtown Tipton some serious foodie cred. This spot is all about keeping it local—from your morning coffee and donuts to lunchtime sandwiches, soups, and pizzas, as much as possible is locally sourced.

Whether you’re an early bird catching the worm or in need of a hearty lunch, this is your sanctuary. Open Tuesday through Saturday for breakfast and lunch, it’s perfect for those midweek pick-me-ups and Saturday indulgences. Seriously, you can taste the local love with every bite and sip.

East Street Provisions, 115 N. East Street, Tipton, IN

An alley in Tipton Indiana

11. Quick Cup

A good coffee shop is the FIRST thing I look for when visiting a new town. Although Tipton doesn’t have a traditional coffee shop, it does have The Quick Cup!

If you’re cruising through Tipton and in need of a quick pick-me-up, you absolutely have to swing by Quick Cup. Talk about options! Whether you’re a traditional coffee aficionado or in the mood for a frothy specialty latte, they’ve got you covered. Not a coffee person? No worries! They serve up some fantastic soft drinks and smoothies too.

The Quick Cup isn’t just a beverage pit-stop, you can grab some tasty bites (breakfast, hot dogs, sandwiches, and baked goods) to go along with your drinks. Honestly, it’s like a one-stop shop for all your quick cravings. So don’t just drive by, stop in and treat yourself at Quick Cup in Tipton—you won’t regret it!

The Quick Cup, 302 E. Jefferson St. Tipton, Indiana

12. The South Pole Drive-In

If you’re in Tipton and craving a frozen treat, make a pit stop at The South Pole. This place whips up some of the most scrumptious ice cream you’ll ever taste. Trust me, one scoop and you’re transported to a sugary wonderland.

It’s the perfect spot to wrap up a day of adventuring or to cool down on a hot summer afternoon. I love to stop and grab a cone after an afternoon of shopping. The South Pole also has tenderloins, sandwiches, and the like if you need something a little more substantial.

The South Pole, 501 S. Main St. Tipton, IN

Map of Tipton Indiana attractions

You’ll definitely need a car to get around Tipton. You can park and walk downtown, but to get to the Tipton County attractions outside of downtown you’ll have to drive.

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Things to Do Near Tipton Indiana

1. Visit Mercantile 37

If you aren’t shopped out, visit Mercantile 37, nestled on Highway 37 in nearby Noblesville. Mercantile 37 is a delightful fusion of a café and a unique boutique. The Wheeler Cafe, a part of this charming establishment, serves up delicious bites and aromatic coffee, making it a cozy spot to relax and refuel.

As you explore the store, you’ll discover a treasure trove of locally crafted handmade goods and vintage finds. From one-of-a-kind artisanal creations to carefully curated vintage pieces, Mercantile 37 offers a diverse array of items that are sure to pique your interest.

But it’s not just a place to shop and dine; it’s also a vibrant community hub. With its regular events and live music performances, this shop is a must-visit destination for those seeking a blend of good food, unique shopping, and engaging entertainment.

Mercantile 37, 25625 State Road 37, Noblesville, IN

Working at Remnant Coffee Shop in Arcadia Indiana

2. Relax at Remnant Coffee Shop

If you are heading to Tipton from Hamilton County, the odds are good that you’ll be driving SR19 past Arcadia. If you are, take a moment to stop at my current favorite coffee shop, Remnant.

Not only does Remnant have a fantastic atmosphere – it is my preferred place to work if I feel the need to get out of the house, but they also have delicious coffee. So I highly encourage you to check it out as part of your outing to Tipton Indiana!

Remnant Coffee Shop, 101 W. Main St. Arcadia, IN

3. Extend your trip with a weekend getaway in Hamilton County

There are plenty of things to do in Tipton Indiana to keep you busy on a day trip, but if you want to extend your getaway, consider adding on a night or two in Hamilton County Indiana.

If you visit in the fall, consider some of the fun fall activities you’ll discover in this nearby county such as visiting a pumpkin patch or getting spooked at Conner Prairie’s Headless Horseman.

In the winter there are plenty of seasonal events like the Carmel Christkindlmrkt or the holiday lights at Ruoff. And of course, summer brings outdoor concerts, farmer’s markets, kayaking, and plenty more!

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FAQs about Tipton County Indiana

What is Tipton Indiana known for?

Tipton is known for its rich farmland, and in the Midwest, the annual Tipton Pork Festival.

What are some fun facts about Tipton Indiana?

The town was named for John Tipton who fought in the Battle of Tippecanoe and the War of 1812. He was also an early State Senator for Indiana.

Is Tipton Indiana North or South?

Tipton is north of Indianapolis but still considered within the central region of the state of Indiana.

Conclusion: Tipton Indiana Things to Do

And there you have it, a whirlwind tour of the best things to do in Tipton, Indiana! Whether you’re a local looking for new adventures or a traveler passing through, Tipton County promises a day (or more) filled with family-friendly fun.

From shopping in charming boutiques to making a splash at the Tipton City Pool, exploring history at the Tipton County Historical Society, enjoying a movie at the Diana Theatre, or savoring delicious local bites at East Street Provisions, you’re in for a memorable experience.

Tipton’s warm hospitality and its variety of activities are sure to create lasting memories. So, pack your cooler, bring your loved ones, and embark on a day trip to Tipton, Indiana—it’s a journey well worth taking!

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