Waterfalls in Indiana

16 Best Waterfalls in Indiana (2024)

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There are some fantastic waterfalls in Indiana, scattered throughout the state. Whether you are living in or just visiting Indiana, be sure to add a hike or drive to at least a few of these waterfalls!

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What’s the biggest waterfall in Indiana?

Cataract Falls has the claim to fame as the largest waterfall in Indiana by volume, but Williamsport Falls are the tallest. Both are well worth a visit!

Cataract Falls

How many waterfalls does Indiana have?

Although there are over 200 waterfalls in Indiana, the vast majority of them are seasonal. Following is a list of the best of them.

Waterfalls in Northern Indiana

There are quite a few lovely waterfalls in Northern Indiana, but here are a few favorites.

Waterfalls in Wabash County Indiana

If you want to spend a day chasing waterfalls in Northern Indiana, head up to Wabash County Indiana where you can find two distinct falls!

1. Kokiwanee Falls

Kokiwanee Nature Preserve is home to the Kokiwanee Falls. Although there is a trail to view it, I’ve heard it’s not well marked, so you may prefer to park at the lot at the dam outlet on the river and you should be able to view the falls from there.

2. Salamonie River Falls

Enjoy a moderate 2.6 hike in the Salamonie River State Forest to enjoy seeing the Salamonie River Falls (located in Largo, Indiana). It’s a loop hike, and takes about an hour to complete. Do note that in the dry months, there may not be water at the falls – it’s very weather dependent, but it is a nice hike regardless.

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3. Williamsport Falls

Williamsport Falls is unique to some of the other waterfalls in Indiana in that it is just at the edge of downtown Williamsport. It’s also a fun waterfall to visit as you can walk down to the bottom and play in the water and under the falls.

The tallest of the waterfalls in Indiana is Williamsport Falls

4. Fall Creek Gorge Nature Preserve

Williamsport Falls can get very crowded on a hot summer day, so another fun alternative is the nearby Fall Creek Gorge Nature Preserve – typically you can walk up and down these falls which is very fun!

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5. France Park Falls

Located in Logansport, Indiana, France Park Falls is part of an old rock quarry. My husband actually grew up in the area and spent many hot summer days swimming and jumping off the rocks.

The waterfalls at France Park in Logansport Indiana.

These days, there are many areas where you can no longer jump from the quarry (which is probably an excellent rule!), but you can still admire the falls and swim in the nearby rock quarry. There are a set of stairs to the right (when facing the falls) that you can take to get to the top – have someone stand at the bottom and you can get some pretty fun photos!

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Waterfalls in Central Indiana

Easily accessible from any point in the state, these waterfalls in Central Indiana are well worth a visit.

6. Cataract Falls

At Lieber State Recreation Area, you’ll find the Cataract Falls. There are actually two falls at this location – the upper falls and the lower falls.

Cataract Falls

Can you swim at Cataract Falls?

You can swim at nearby Lieber Beach, but you can not swim at Cataract Falls. It is not allowed, and you will be ticketed if caught. Definitely not worth a ticket!

🌟 Extend your visit to Cataract Falls by visiting nearby Greencastle, Indiana. There are some fabulous restaurants and plenty of fun things to do!

7. Silver Cascades

Silver Cascades is a lovely waterfall located in one of the loveliest state parks in Indiana, Shades State Park. For interesting and enjoyable hiking, Shades State Park should be high on your list of Indiana State Parks worth a visit!

Trail 1 will take you to Silver Cascades and it’s a short trail (less than a mile), but it does take you through creek beds, so make sure you have the right shoes and don’t mind getting a little muddy or wet.

8. Thistlethwaite Falls

The name might be challenging, but finding and enjoying Thistlethwaite Falls in Richmond, Indiana won’t be. In the early 1800s, a new channel in the West Fork of the Whitewater River was created by Timothy Thistlethwaite in order to provide more waterpower to his sawmill. Hence, Thistlewaite Falls was formed.

Thistlewaite Falls is located near Springwood Park in Richmond. Park across the street in the small gravel walk and you’ll have a short hike to reach the falls. If you are spending a day or two exploring Richmond Indiana, take the time to visit as the falls are lovely and well worth the stop.

Visiting Thistlewaite Falls in Richmond Indiana.

9. Falls Park

Falls Park in Pendleton, Indiana is one of my favorite places to enjoy waterfalls near me. A short drive from Indianapolis (and especially the northern suburbs of Indianapolis), Falls Park is just outside of downtown Pendleton (which is an adorable town).

Grab a coffee at the nearby delicious Falls Perk, head over to the park, and enjoy the view. During COVID, we’d often bring a picnic and blanket and play card games while getting some fresh air and a lovely atmosphere.

Grab a coffee at Falls Perk and enjoy the nearby waterfalls.

10. Turkey Run State Park

Another beautiful Indiana state park, and quite close to Shades State Park, is Turkey Run State Park. It’s an incredibly popular park in the summer and fall due to the very interesting hiking trails that include ladders, small waterfalls, and creek beds. There is even a suspension bridge to cross as part of several of the trails.

If it’s been rainy, you’ll encounter a lovely series of small waterfalls along the riverbed on trail #3 (but your feet will get wet, so plan accordingly). Trail #9 is another fun trail that will take you by a very pretty waterfall.

Waterfalls in Southern Indiana

Thanks to the hills and valleys in Southern Indiana, there are some gorgeous waterfalls well worth visiting!

11. Clifty Falls State Park

One of the prettiest state parks in Indiana (near one of the prettiest towns, Madison), Clifty Falls State Park is the perfect way to enjoy a weekend getaway viewing waterfalls in Indiana.

How many waterfalls are in Clifty Falls State Park?

There are four waterfalls in Clifty Falls State Park. Big Clifty Falls, Little Clifty Falls, Tunnel Falls, and Hoffman Falls.

Enjoy hikes to all of the various falls and then check out the nearby town of Madison, Indiana. Clifty Falls State Park also has a lovely Inn, restaurant, pool with a water slide, tennis courts, and more.

Tips for visiting the waterfalls in Clifty Falls State Park

To view the Big Clifty Falls and the Little Clifty Falls, take trail #7. It’s a little over a mile and starts at the Clifty shelter.

Tunnel Falls is best viewed from trail #5. Although short (less than a mile), it is considered rugged. The trail that includes Hoffman Falls (trail #4) is also rugged, but the view of the falls is early in the trail, so you could potentially hike to them and then turn around and hike back to the parking lot.

12. Deadman Falls

If you are on a college visit to Hanover, be sure to check to out Deadman Falls – it’s another one of the Indiana waterfalls that is seasonal, so if it’s been dry there probably won’t be water.

Deadman Falls is located right next to the college campus. Take the trail from campus into the neighboring woods and if the weather is cooperating you’ll enjoy a lovely and easy walk.

13. Anderson Falls

Anderson Falls State Park Nature Preserve is home to Anderson Falls. The park is close to Columbus, so would be a nice break from a day trip or weekend getaway enjoying all Columbus has to offer (which is a LOT!).

Anderson Falls is small, but quite pretty, so if you have the time (or are just driving nearby), stop to take a quick peek.

🌟 Don’t miss nearby Columbus when you visit Anderson Falls. This unique town is full of architecture, great food, boutiques, and more.

14. Muscatatuck Falls

Muscatatuck Falls is in Jennings County, in Muscatatuck Park. Muscatatuck Park has almost 10 miles of trails and what’s a bit unique about this park is that many of the trails are mountain bike friendly.

Take the River Trail (which begins at the Vinegar Mill), and if the water is flowing you’ll see not only the Muscatatuck Falls, but also the Canyon Creek Falls.

15. McCormick Creek Falls

One of my favorite state parks is McCormicks Creek State Park, and this is where you’ll find the McCormicks Creek Falls. Although the falls aren’t large, they are lovely and quite easy to access from trailhead #3 which starts right at the McCormicks Creek Inn.

Waterfalls in Indiana

As with all Indiana State Parks, you’ll need to pay an entrance fee, but as the hiking in this park is lovely (as is the Inn), it’s well worth the admittance.

McCormick Creek State Park as a day trip

There are plenty of things to do around McCormick Creek State Park, so viewing the McCormick Creek Falls could easily become part of a fun day trip from Indianapolis. Check out our perfect day in Spencer, Indiana to plan your own adventure.

16. Spring Mill State Park

One of the coolest state parks in Indiana is Spring Mill State Park. Along with the normal activities you’d typically find at a state park, Spring Mill also has a pioneer village and caves – with a cave boat tour. Awesome, right?

If you visit the park, take the 3.2-mile loop around the park and you’ll see all the park has to offer. Plus, if the weather is right, near the caves you should discover Cave Valley Falls. Although not large, they are pretty interesting, and the caves themselves are well worth a view.

Waterfalls in Indianapolis

As the largest city in Indiana, you might not think you’d find any waterfalls in Indianapolis. However, there are a few nearby options!

Most of the falls listed in this article are within easy (day trip) driving of Indianapolis, but Falls Park in Pendleton is just on the northeast outskirts of the city, so it could easily be visited in the morning or afternoon.

Waterfalls in Indiana that you can swim in

Most of the waterfalls in Indiana do not allow swimming, but there are a few exceptions.

A notable exception is Williamsport Falls – it’s a common weekend activity for visitors and locals to visit the falls to cool off in the pool at the bottom.

Although you might not be specifically swimming in the falls, several of the state parks allow you to hike or walk through the creekbeds under or near waterfalls.

Hiking trails in Indiana with waterfalls

Pretty much ALL of the waterfalls in Indiana require at least a short hike to view. Check out the trail maps at any of the state parks or nature preserves to discover which trails lead to waterfalls.

Another terrific resource for finding hiking trails in Indiana with waterfalls is AllTrails. I love to check out AllTrails before I visit a park or natural area to get a feel for the hiking trails other hikers enjoy most.

Find waterfalls in Indiana everywhere!

🌟 It is important to note that many of these waterfalls will dry up if the weather has been hot for a few weeks – so using a resource like AllTrails will help you determine if the waterfall is currently flowing before you visit.

Conclusion: The BEST waterfalls in Indiana

Wherever you are in the state of Indiana there is probably a waterfall near you. Take a few moments before your next day trip, check this list, and see if you can include one as part of your day. Getting outside is good for everyone, and having a waterfall to hike to is definitely an incentive to explore!


There are some fantastic waterfalls in Indiana, scattered throughout the state. Whether you are living in or just visiting Indiana, be sure to add a hike or drive to at least a few of these 16 waterfalls! #waterfalls #indiana #daytrips
There are some fantastic waterfalls in Indiana, scattered throughout the state. Whether you are living in or just visiting Indiana, be sure to add a hike or drive to at least a few of these 16 waterfalls! #waterfalls #indiana #daytrips