Blog plan for 2013

Last week I shared my 2013 goals.  One of them is to be “ahead of the game” with blogging – when I get my act together and have the blog posts done early and the planning created a month in advance life just moves more smoothly.

So I thought I’d share my blogging plan for 2013:Meeting goals 001

Monday – planning day, write blog posts for the week, write guest posts

Tuesday – Tuesday Challenge – this will be the day I’ll share the healthy challenge for the week – it might be related to nutrition, fitness or personal growth/ relationships, but regardless it will be a small, simple change you can implement to improve your overall health

Wednesday – recipe day – typically related to a seasonal food, but once in a while I’ll throw in a yummy treat (like this pumpkin spice latte!)

Thursday – anything goes – you’ll see posts on goals and goal setting, guest posts, informational posts, or anything else that tickles my fancy that week!

Friday – tips related to saving money and staying healthy – similar to what you saw on Fridays in 2012

Anything in particular you’d like me to post about or research this year?  Please share in the comments and I’ll do my best to fit it in!

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  1. Wow, this inspires me to be a bit more organized with my blog. I used to be on top of my game, with at least two months of posts scheduled, notes galore, etc., but then morning sickness came with pregnancy and I had other priorities 😉 Now I’m on it again but it’s definitely easy to lose track!

    1. Nina, two months? That’s amazing! I’m happy with one. I understand about the morning sickness – that can sure take it out of you – along with the new priorities! Good luck keeping on track this year – remember there is always room to improve!

    2. Wow! Nina! That’s awesome! I’m excited about a few days!! Ha. Got to get better about that, but I’m still learning. Pam – I liked the post. I’m a new subscriber but love your blog so far! I’ve been thinking I need to schedule out some kind of plan like that for topics on different days. I just noticed this week that there seem to be lots of bloggers posting their weekly goals on Mondays–which totally makes sense but never occurred to me–so I think I’ll have to make it a point to post my goals Sundays or Mondays so I can join in the conversation. Thanks for the ideas – great plan and can’t wait to read your posts!

      1. Jamie – Welcome! I also see a lot of weekly goal posts on Monday, so that would be a great day for you. Posting them really gives you a good sense of accountability – you’ll get a LOT more accomplished!

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