Navigating Boyne City Shopping: A Family-Friendly Itinerary

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Boyne City, located in Northern Michigan, is a regular stop for us whenever we head to Boyne Mountain for our winter ski trips or summer golf getaways. It’s an adorable, charming town with a lot to offer, especially in terms of shopping. Picture a day when the family can enjoy exploring local stores, each with its own unique character and offerings, delicious food and treats, and a welcoming atmosphere.

Our day typically starts with coffee and ends with a nightcap – and Boyne City provides all of this! Although downtown Boyne City is only a few short blocks, it’s chock full of places to explore – we never get tired of it! And if you want to venture a little farther there are a few other fun hidden gems to check out.

In the summer, the lake views are spectacular, and in the winter, the entire town feels like you’ve stepped into a Hallmark movie – swoon-worthy for sure. The town may not be overly grand, but its charm lies in its simplicity and the warmth of the people. Each visit strengthens our connection to this place, making Boyne City more than just a shopping destination for us, but a place our kids consider their second home.

outside of Lake Charlevoix Coffee Company in Boyne City Michigan

Downtown Boyne City Shopping

1. Lake Charlevoix Coffee Company

Kicking off a day of shopping in Boyne City at Lake Charlevoix Coffee Company is the perfect way to set a relaxed and cheerful tone for the day. Located right in the heart of town, this coffee shop is my favorite place for my morning coffee fix.

As you step in, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the sight of a variety of pastries instantly welcome you. It’s a place where you can gather your thoughts, plan your shopping route, and enjoy some quality time with the family over delicious, locally sourced coffee and hot chocolates.

Whether it’s a hot Americano to warm you up on a chilly morning or a refreshing iced coffee for a summer day, starting your shopping adventure at Charlevoix Coffee Company is a small ritual that sets the tone for a wonderful day.

Lake Charlevoix Coffee Company, 202 S. Lake Street

Unique art inside Freshwater Gallery in Boyne City Michigan

2. Freshwater Art Gallery & Concert Venue

Just across the street from Lake Charlevoix Coffee Company is a store we always stop in to check out their variety of interesting artwork. Freshwater Art Gallery & Concert Venue is a unique spot that is more than just a gallery; it’s a local hub of creativity and culture.

As you wander through the store, you’ll find an impressive array of local art that showcases the talents of regional artists. The pieces range from stunning paintings and sculptures to intricate crafts, offering something intriguing for every member of the family. We love browsing separately and then sharing our finds with each other when we visit.

The gallery also doubles as a concert venue, hosting an eclectic mix of music events that could be a delightful surprise during your visit. Be sure to ask the friendly owner when the next event is and if it’s during your visit to Northern Michigan plan on attending.

Freshwater Art Gallery & Concert Venue, 217 E. Lake St.

3. I Love Boyne City

If you are on the hunt for a Boyne City t-shirt, sweatshirt, hat, or even stickers, I Love Boyne City is the store for you. On the corner across from the park, it’s not open in the winter months but is a place we will stop in during our summer visits to see if they have any new stickers to add to our collection.

Kids will enjoy all the trinket-type items the store carries too – think about your typical beach vacation gift shops and you’ll know what I mean. One year I even found a cute little Boyne City wine tumbler that I use back at the condo or pool.

I Love Boyne City, 101 Water St.

4. 52 Up North Weekends

Right next door to I Love Boyne City is 52 Up North Weekends. Among the charming Boyne City shopping boutiques, 52 Up North Weekends stands out with its unique blend of home accessories and casual wear. And I love the selection of White Mountain puzzles (my favorite brand). I almost always pick up a new one when we visit.

It’s an ideal place to find something for everyone, whether you’re updating your wardrobe or searching for that perfect decorative item to add a touch of Boyne City to your home. The atmosphere in the store is welcoming and unpretentious, making it easy for families to browse and shop at their own pace.

52 Up North Weekends, 101 Water St.

Street in Boyne City Michigan

5. Inspired Living

Another fun shop that we always visit when we are in Boyne City shopping is Inspired Living. It’s a cool, funky store with an excellent selection of teas in the back. You’ll also find unique jewelry, fun games, and crafts, crystals and rocks, and much, much more.

When the kids were little, their favorite part of this shop was the cats that lived there. They would (and still do) search them out for a little visit while we browsed. I know at least one of them would wander from this store down the block to 52 Weekends regularly – he was well-known in Boyne City!

Inspired Living, 119 Water St.

6. Peninsula Boutique

Looking for the latest in fashion? Boyne City shopping clothes options are abundant, especially in stores like Peninsula Boutique. The store features a carefully curated selection of clothing and accessories, with outdoorsy brands such as Chaco, Prana, Vineyard Vines, and many more.

It’s a great place to find unique fashion pieces that stand out and the accessories that go with the adventure lifestyle. On our last visit, I picked up an adorable red Yeti tumbler for my morning coffee. The inviting layout and friendly staff make the shopping experience at Peninsula Boutique both enjoyable and hassle-free.

Peninsula Boutique, 112 Water St.

Sign with history of Kilwins

7. Kilwins Chocolate & Ice Cream

Ready for a sweet treat? Plan an afternoon stop at Kilwins Chocolate & Ice Cream shop. If it’s summer (or even winter), check out the ice cream varieties available and then indulge in a scoop. The chocolate is also scrumptious and I am a huge fan of their caramels.

I guarantee your kids will love this stop, and it’s a great treat to keep them in a positive mood while shopping if they aren’t the biggest shopping fans. The store is small, but chock full of goodies, and Kilwins is quite generous in letting you try the ice cream and fudge samples, so don’t be afraid to ask.

Kilwins Chocolate & Ice Cream Shop, 102 Water St.

🍨 Pam’s insider tip: The Kilwins flagship store is just down the street in Petoskey, so if you find yourself falling in love with Kilwin’s chocolate, I highly recommend a little road trip to check it out.

8. Forgotten Treasures Consignment

Is your family a fan of consignment stores? We love poking around them to see what we can discover and Forgotten Treasures is packed with goodies.

🕰️ Pam’s insider tip: when the kids were little, I’d tell them to look for something specific when we went to an antique or consignment store. It would keep them entertained. Just pick something they are likely to find like a specific toy, sporting equipment, grandfather clock, cookie jar, etc.

Forgotten Treasures is truly a paradise for both bargain hunters and eco-conscious shoppers. You’ll find everything from unique home decor items to nostalgic toys, all while being kind to the planet and their wallets.

Forgotten Treasures, 209 S. Lake St.

Fun drink at the bar in Boyne City Provisions Lounge

9. Boyne Country Provisions

We’ll often stop at Boyne County Provisions (our favorite of the Boyne City grocery stores) on our first day in the area to stock up on drinks and snacks for the rest of the week. I love that there is an excellent liquor store (with lots of local brands, and beer/cider singles), a fun selection of gourmet foods, and a counter where you can order fresh sandwiches and soups.

Boyne County Provisions also has a wine bar, and if it’s open when you are shopping downtown it’s an excellent place to grab a glass of wine and appetizer or if you are lucky participate in one of their frequent events.

On one of our recent trips, we discovered that they had also opened a lounge. Of course, we had to give it a try and since our kids were happily occupied playing disc golf with their friends at Boyne Mountain Resort (and old enough to be on their own), we grabbed a drink at the bar and spent a lovely hour chatting with the bartender.

Boyne County Provisions, 127 Water St.

View of summer Boyne City Farmer's Market

10. Boyne City Farmer’s Market

If you are visiting Boyne City on a Saturday, the Farmer’s Market is a fun place to shop. We’ve visited in the winter when it’s indoors and in the summer when it’s in the park by the water. I believe there is also a mid-week market in the summer, but haven’t visited that one myself.

It’s fun to talk with the local vendors, see what they have to sell, and pick up some unique local treats. Neither the summer nor winter markets are large, but they are a great way to start a day of Boyne City shopping!

Map of Boyne City Michigan

Boyne City MI Shopping – Outside of Downtown

Once you’ve exhausted the downtown Boyne City shopping, there are a few other options that you could drive to both in Boyne City and nearby Boyne Falls, Michigan. And if you really want to extend your shopping trip, consider heading a day of Petoskey shopping.

11. Challenge Mountain Resale

If you are someone who enjoys a bargain, check out the Challenge Mountain Resale shop in Boyne City. We’ll often grab a large Diet Coke at the McDonald’s next door and see what treasures we can find. Do we buy much? Nope, but we do have fun exploring.

Pam’s insider tip: Frisbee Discs (for Disc Golf), soccer balls, and golf clubs are great things to look for at these places – we’ve found terrific deals on decent equipment and if you lose them or don’t want to bring them home, you aren’t out much!

Challenge Mountain Resale, 1100 Boyne Ave.

Lavender Hill Farm sign

12. Lavender Hill Farm

Lavender Hill Farm is so much more than shopping. As one of the largest lavender farms in the state, it offers a picturesque landscape filled with the soothing scent of lavender. You can wander through the vibrant rows of lavender, take part in guided tours (highly recommended), and learn about the cultivation and uses of this beautiful herb.

The farm also has a charming gift shop where you can find an array of lavender products, from essential oils and skincare items to culinary delights (like yummy Lavender Vodka – don’t believe me, just add it to sparkling lemonade and you’ll be a convert). Getting away from typical shops and outside into nature is a terrific way to cap off any shopping trip!

Lavender Hill Farm, 7354 Horton Bay Rd.

View of Boyne Mountain from Grand Mountain Lodge

13. Boyne Mountain Resort

Technically Boyne Mountain Resort is in Boyne Falls, MI, but at just a short drive away, it’s worth mentioning if you are wanting to spend a day shopping in Boyne City. There are a variety of places to shop at the mountain – both in the Boyne Mountain Grand Lodge and in the connecting village.

Through the years, the shops have changed a bit, but the vibe has remained the same. Grab a hot chocolate or coffee at the coffee shop in the lodge and check it all out. Your Boyne shopping adventure isn’t complete if you don’t head over there. Plus, if you aren’t already staying at the resort, I bet you’ll want to after spending an hour or two exploring!

Boyne Mountain Resort, 1 Boyne Mountain Rd. Boyne Falls, MI

Where to Take a Break in Boyne City Michigan

If you are spending your day shopping in Boyne City Michigan, I’m betting you’ll need to take a break at some point. There are plenty of delicious restaurants in Boyne City, but here are a few perfectly geared to fit in with a day of shopping.

14. Stiggs Brewery & Kitchen

While primarily a brewery, Stiggs also has a wonderful family-friendly atmosphere and a menu that caters to all ages, making it a great stop for a meal during your shopping adventure. The building is really interesting with lots of little rooms and nooks and crannies. And in the winter they have igloos which is always a fun experience for the kids.

Even if we aren’t hungry enough for a full lunch, we’ll often take a shopping break and order a flight of beer, a few fun drinks for the kids (Shirley Temples are always a hit), and a big order of fries. It’s a fun way to recharge and gear up for the rest of the day.

Stiggs Brewery & Kitchen, 112 S. Park St.

front of Muskrat Distilling

15. Muskrat Distilling

If you happen to be shopping without the kiddos, or they are old enough to enjoy a mocktail or soft drink break while you have an adult beverage, check out Muskrat Distilling. Fairly new to the city, the vibe is super cool and casual with a dart room in the back, and unique (and delicious cocktails).

If the weather is nice, I really enjoy grabbing a few drinks and sitting outside on the front patio. The drinks are creative and they even have kombucha which my kids enjoy. Dogs are allowed in the summer outside. Note that they don’t serve food, but are happy to let you order from any nearby restaurant.

Muskrat Distilling, 121 Water St.

🎲Pam’s insider tip: I typically have a deck of cards or set of dice with me when we are out for the day, and if we want to grab a drink at a brewery, winery, or distillery, we’ll pull them out and play games – it’s a great way to keep the kids happy, and it’s fun!

Map of Boyne City Michigan Shopping

Almost all of the shopping is within easy walking distance. Boyne City’s downtown is only a few streets, so plan on parking your car and strolling. Our kids have been happily shopping downtown since they were toddlers and we’ve never found the need for a stroller as it’s so contained.

Where to Stay in Boyne City Michigan

As a vacation destination, there are plenty of places to stay near Boyne City Michigan. My first choice is always Boyne Mountain Resort. You can either stay in the Mountain Lodge or rent a condo nearby. Both are excellent choices. In the summer you can even rent a bike from the resort and bike yourself down to Boyne City, but it’s also an easy drive.

Mural of Boyne City Michigan - says "Greetings from Boyne City"

FAQs: Boyne City Shopping

Does Boyne City have a downtown?

Yes, Boyne City has an adorable, walkable downtown.

Is Boyne City worth a visit?

Absolutely, it’s part of a lovely region in Northern Michigan with lots to do.

What is the history of Boyne City?

It was settled in 1856 and named after the already-named nearby Boyne River.

What time is stroll the streets in Boyne City?

On Fridays in the summer months, the shops of Boyne City stay open later and you can grab a drink at any of the local bars, stroll and shop.

Fish art in front of a cabin in Boyne City, Michigan

Conclusion: Boyne City Shopping

Wrapping up a day in Boyne City always leaves us with a blend of satisfaction and anticipation. Each visit to this charming town adds a new layer to our family’s treasure trove of memories. The variety of stores in Boyne City MI ensures that there is something for everyone. From the morning coffee at Lake Charlevoix Coffee Company to the discoveries in stores like “I Love Boyne City” and “52 Up North Weekends,” every moment spent here is full of good family fun.

Beyond the shopping, Boyne City’s proximity to Boyne Mountain makes it an integral part of our family getaways, be it for skiing, golfing, or simply enjoying the natural beauty of Northern Michigan. The town embodies a perfect mix of leisure and activity, making it an ideal escape for families like ours who cherish both adventure and relaxation.

As we leave Boyne City at the end of each visit, we take with us not just bags of goodies but also stories to tell and experiences to reminisce about. And there’s always the promise of returning as we visit the area several times a year. Boyne City, for us, is more than a shopping destination; it’s a home away from home, a place where our family bonds are strengthened and our love for Michigan’s hidden gems deepens.

So, to families out there looking for a place that offers both charm and a range of shopping experiences, I say: Boyne City is a destination not to be missed. Come see for yourself, and who knows, maybe you’ll find your own little piece of magic in the streets of Boyne City.


Boyne City Shopping - a street scene in Boyne City.