Getting tired of your plain old coffee and want to kick it up a notch?  When I want a change of pace, but don’t want something overly sweet, I make a cup teaof cinnamon coffee (or cinnamon in black or roobios tea is delicious too).

This is almost embarrassing to create a post about, but it’s so yummy (and good for you) that I figured I’d suck it up and share.


All I do is brew a strong cup of dark coffee and then add a drop (one is PLENTY, this stuff is HOT) of Young Living Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil.   If I want to make things really decadent, I’ll add a drop to a mocha – cinnamon and chocolate is an outstanding combination!

This is a great way to enjoy your morning coffee and especially helpful if you are trying to wean yourself off the fake sweeteners or heavy creams.

Cinnamon Bark Oil (and I can only recommend Young Living as I know it is safe to ingest) is thought to promote healthy cardiovascular and immune function, and acts as an antiseptic*.  And the smell is heavenly.

Ready to give it a try?  A bottle costs $31.58 + 7% tax and $7.99 shipping.  If you purchase wholesale it’s 24% less, so check that option out here. Why not treat yourself to a bottle today?  Each bottle holds several hundred drops, so it will last a REALLY long time – plus there are many other uses for this oil – if you decide to order a bottle, I’ll send along a little sheet with a variety of other ways to enjoy it.cinnamon bark


Have you ever tried cinnamon in your coffee?  What did you think?

Interested in learning more about essential oils?  Check out my Oil of the Month Club HERE where we investigate one oil each month – it’s a fun and affordable way to quickly start using and enjoying these wonderful oils!

* This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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