Fall Break is coming up quickly and although we don’t have any big plans (thanks to sports!!!!), we will take advantage of the fabulous fall weather here in Indiana with lots of day trips. Instead of checking out the same places we go every year, we have decided to find some NEW everyday adventures. However, without a dog sitter, we can’t go far … so our challenge is to find plenty of fun things to do within about an hour’s radius of where we live.

Instead of just guessing or going to the cities we’ve heard of, I decided to literally circle our hometown.

On a map.


Looking for things to do? Circle your hometown!

Look at all those towns within the circle – pretty amazing when you see it on paper! Now that I have a list of potential places we can check out, the research begins. I recently shared with you how I do this in my post Search Out the Unusual, and that is exactly the process I am following.

So what are our plans? So far I’ve found an opalescent glass factory tour, a health bar (kombucha, smoothies, etc.), a cultural center & museum and quite a few Halloween themed events. Plus a Fall Out Boy concert, new brewery, and an apple picking farm! Even without a big trip planned, we will have plenty of fun. Keep an eye out over the next few weeks as I share our adventures.

Apple Picking fun!

In the meantime, do you want to be ready for an adventure of your own? I have a bag in the back of my car that I keep stocked with adventure essentials – all the things that make life easier when we are out running around and want to make sure we are prepared for anything. If you haven’t created your own kit yet, check out my list and do it this weekend. Now you’ll be ready for adventure wherever you are!

Oh, and don’t forget to get your own map!

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Looking for a new adventure? Try this simple technique and head out to explore! #ouradventureiseverywhere #familyfun

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