Composting Made Easy, and Fruit Fly “Trap”

Since we are replacing a chemical this week, and it’s getting warm enough to start gardening, I thought I’d share a VERY simple way to compost.

We have always thrown our kitchen scraps in the garden – egg shells, coffee grounds, fruit peels, etc. and it works great in the winter just to keep them in a bowl on the counter.  This is great for our soil and plants and allows us to forgo the nasty growth chemicals.

However, now that Summer is coming, I am getting ready for the fruit flies.  How those little pests annoy me.

This year, we are using a compost keeper for our compost – it’s terrific because it looks okay on the counter, holds more than a bowl (so I can be lazy and wait longer to take the stuff outside) and it has a carbon filter to help keep the smell and fruit flies away!

Spring Break 2013 153

In addition to this, I’ll still use my tried and true fruit fly “trap” . . .

Fruit Fly Trap – In a small container, mix apple cider vinegar with a squirt of dishwashing soap.  Set on the counter near compost container or fresh fruit.  It works best to use a container with a small neck.  I use a pretty little bud vase so it’s attractive, and it’s AMAZING how many fruit flies get into it daily.

Spring Break 2013 154

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  1. Ah, fruit flies. They are indeed pests! We always get them from the store bought bananas. I was wondering where you purchased the counter-top compost keeper? I love that it has a carbon filter. Thanks!

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