Create a Drink Station

Although I’ve been concentrating on drinking more water this week, today’s tip will save you money on ALL your drinks, and will encourage you to make healthier drink choices.

If you create a drink station, you’ll find it much more convenient to make your own coffee, grab your water bottle and fill it, or make a cup of tea vs. picking something up while you are out or running over to Starbucks for the drive-thru!  AND if it’s more convenient, you are more likely to make it yourself which is always a healthier choice versus going for the chemical and fat laden versions you buy.

How do you do it?  It’s really quite easy.  Pick a spot in your kitchen (mine is near the door to the garage to remind myself to grab a drink before I leave the house).  Then, clear off the counter and move your drink supplies to this space.

Drink Station 001

On mine, you can see I have my tea kettle for tea and hot water, my Keurig if I want a quick cup of coffee, water bottles in the wine rack, and even my husband’s soda machine is on the counter.  In the cabinet below I keep coffee, tea, hot chocolate for the kids and any flavorings I might use.

Having everything I need in once place is simple and just makes sense!

Don’t have the counter space?  How about a drink basket?  You could easily put everything you need in one container, and then when you are fixing a drink, just pull it out.

Give this a try and see if it helps you save money and enjoy healthier drinks!

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