Create a fun, FREE Thanksgiving memory this year!

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to focus on some of the most important relationships in your life – your family!

We always celebrate with a traditional Thanksgiving feast and hanging out with each other.  This year, my daughter wanted to do something a little different.  She wanted to share how special each family member is to her.  So, she came up with “awards” for each of us – each award was tied to something unique or fun about each person.

She worked all week creating these awards out of scraps of art supplies we had around the house. When we celebrated the holiday (clearly not ON Thanksgiving Day this year), she passed them out and explained the reasoning behind each one.

They ended up being a huge hit – created a great memory and provided some colorful decoration to the party!

So this year, try something similar yourself.  Work with your kids to create a little something special – they’ll enjoy the memory and the receivers of the “awards” will feel great!

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