Create a Joy Generating Routine

How often do you wake up feeling TERRIFIC?  I mean  SUPER terrific?  Ready to jump out of bed and start the day just knowing it will be fantastic.

It’s an amazing feeling when that happens, but for most people, that isn’t an everyday occurrence.  Even the happiest people don’t always wake up feeling fabulous.

There are days you wake up grumpy, tired or just dreading another iteration of the daily grind.  Once you’ve started down this negative path, it can be really hard to turn your day around.  You find yourself without patience, snapping at other people and just not enjoying your life.

If you want to start your days with joy, I have a basic recipe for you that I call my “Joy Generating Routine.”  It includes some movement, some gratefulness and some indulgence.

Sounds lovely, right?

The best part is that if you have a plan like this in place, you can invoke your routine any morning you are feeling down.   Short on time?  Make sure you have a shortened version at the ready too.

Although this needs to be tailored for YOU, I’m sure you’d like to see an example.  Here is mine:

My Ideal Joy Generating Routine:

20 minutes of yoga (Daily Yoga), a fresh, hot cup of coffee with a splash of my favorite vanilla creamer and 15 minutes of devotions/ writing a line in my daily journal with what I’m grateful for, and running a few drops of Joy through my hair.  If I can add in a ten minute walk outside in the fresh air the routine is perfection!

My shortened version of my Joy Generating Routine:

2 minute dance party – preferably with my kids while getting them ready for breakfast and diffusing cheerful essential oils, same fresh hot cup of coffee and a quick session of “I’m grateful for ___” in the car while driving the kids to school.

Both versions have the same three components and the combination of the three is almost always enough to improve my mood, remind me that I DO have a lot to feel joyful about and increase my energy (with that movement).

What about you?  Do you have a guaranteed method to insert some joy into your day?  If not, I encourage you to take a few minutes right now and create your own “Joy Generating Routine.”  Then start putting it into practice!


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