Create a Special Day

Feeling a bit overwhelmed lately?  Too busy to have fun or enjoy yourself?  Then this is exactly when you need to create a special day. special-day

There are three steps to the process – all of which are fun and will immediately improve your mood.

  1. Look at your calendar and pick a date you can take a few hours away from everything that SHOULD be done.  Ideally take a whole day off.  If your life is anything like mine, this date might be a few weeks from now, but you CAN make the time.  Block it off on your calendar and if anything comes up, simply say “Sorry, but I can’t do XXX on that date, I already have something scheduled.”
  2. Now spend some time between your chosen date and today dreaming. What do you enjoy?  What fuels your soul?  Grab a notebook or open a folder on your phone and jot down your ideas.  Need some inspiration?  How about time in a coffee shop reading?  Browsing stores?  Taking a long and relaxing bath?  Going for a walk in the woods?  A lovely lunch alone or with a friend?  A movie?  Working on a hobby you love but can never get to?  Once you have your list, think realistically about how much time you have blocked off and pick a few things.  This planning time can be almost as fun as the actual day!!!
  3. Enjoy your special day. The great thing about this day is that it’s tailored just for you – it’s full of things you love and enjoy.  By the end of the day you’ll feel rejuvenated and ready to plunge back into the rat race.

I’ve found that by taking the occasional day just for myself I am better rested, more willing to jump in and serve others and I enjoy my life more.  In fact, I’ve often found that the things I enjoy most don’t take a lot of time, and can easily be added to my normal workday during seasons when a whole day off is unrealistic.

What would your perfect day consist of?  Is this something you could fit into your schedule?  I challenge you to grab your calendar and start planning today!  

If you’re new, here, welcome, I’m Pam and I’m a coach for busy working moms who love their kids, but feel tired, stressed out and overwhelmed.  They want to do it all but can’t find enough hours in the day.  I help them balance family, health and work so that they can go to sleep each night feeling fulfilled and guilt-free.  Interested in learning more?  Check out all the things I love that might help you HERE.