create your own donut trail

Create Your Own Donut Trail

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I’m sure you’ve heard of winery trails and brewery trails. They seem to be everywhere these days. However, recently I’ve started hearing about donut trails. Since we don’t have an official one near us, I thought it would be fun to create my own.

Grab your travel mug of coffee and join me to create your own donut trail.

Donut shops seem to be popping up left and right in our area. I think it’s because donuts are a fun and affordable treat, and who doesn’t like a good donut, right? We have quite a few new ones nearby so if you like donuts, this would be the perfect way to spend a free day.

Donut Trail in Hamilton County Indiana

Here are the stops I enjoyed on my Indiana donut trail – all are in or near Hamilton County.

1. Rebellion Doughnuts

The first stop is Rebellion Doughnuts. It’s been on my radar as a place to check out since it opened. The shop is quite close to our house so it’s an ideal place to start this adventure.

The interior has a funky industrial feel and in addition to fresh coffee, they have kombucha on tap, which is perfect if you like a fizzy drink with your doughnuts.

All the doughnuts are made fresh each morning and the flavors are interesting and unique. My son tried a bubble gum flavor (it really did taste like bubble gum and he loved the piece of gum to enjoy afterward) and I loved the lemon-filled donut.

Not only are the doughnuts delicious, but they are also pretty too – which is always a nice touch. I can easily see this becoming an addition to our weekly breakfast date.

Unique donuts at Rebellion Doughnuts! YUM!

2. Jack’s Donuts

Jack’s Donuts can be found in quite a few places these days, but they originated in New Castle, Indiana (seems like a good addition to a future Explore Indiana adventure!). Since I’m creating a donut trail in my area, we visited the location in Fishers, Indiana – it was on the way to the next stop.

The Fishers location has plenty of seating and a full coffee bar, so it would be an ideal spot to visit with friends or even get a little work done. When it comes to Jack’s Donuts I always order the same thing.

I adore their white fluff-filled chocolate frosted donut. It’s the perfect size (and some of Jack’s Donuts are HUGE) and the fluff is so yummy. It’s not too sweet and is the ideal complement to the yeasty flavor of the donut.

Create your own donut trail and make sure Jack's donuts are part of it!

3. Sunrise Bakery

As I shared earlier this month, Fortville, Indiana is home to some amazing restaurants, so having a stellar bakery makes perfect sense. Sunrise Bakery is in an adorable building on a corner lot and they are BUSY.

There isn’t a ton of seating, but if you want fresh, tasty cake donuts, this is my favorite spot. I haven’t tried a variety I didn’t like. Another yummy aspect of Sunrise Bakery is that all of their coffee is from Noble Tea & Coffee, one of my favorite local coffee shops.

Since we seem to have a lot of soccer games in the Fortville area, I can see Sunrise Bakery becoming a regular donut stop!

Sunrise Bakery in Fortville, Indiana is a perfect stop on a local donut trail.

4. Quack Daddy Donuts

The last stop on this donut trail is Quack Daddy Donuts Pendleton and it’s completely different from all the other donut shops. Quack Daddy Donuts is unique in that instead of selecting from already-made donuts, you get to create your own!

When you walk in, you pick up a Quack Daddy Donuts menu and a pencil and write down what kind of donut you’d like, and what icing, and then you can pick from a selection of toppings. Kids especially love the novelty of making their own crazy concoctions. It helps that the donuts taste great too!

Create your own donuts at Quack Daddy Donuts in Pendleton, Indiana

Now truth be told, I didn’t actually eat all these donuts in one day – although I’d sure love to, I don’t think I could! So my suggestion is to try a bite or two at each place and save the rest for breakfast another morning. Another fun bonus of a trail like this is that you can check out the stores and areas nearby each stop – they are probably places you don’t get to often.

Donuts are very affordable so this is a very inexpensive day too – I don’t think we spent over $20 total – and we had breakfast for another day too.

I’d love to hear if you’ve ever created a fun little adventure like this in your area. I could see this idea being done for all kinds of tasty treats – pies, ice cream, coffee, you name it!

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Create your own donut trail. Or follow this fun one I created near Indianapolis. An outing like this is an affordable and fun everyday adventure. #foodies #donuts #everydayadventures
Create your own donut trail. Or follow this fun one I created near Indianapolis. An outing like this is an affordable and fun everyday adventure. #foodies #donuts #everydayadventures