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Day Trips in Indiana – Crawfordsville

Crawfordsville has long been on my list for potential day trips in Indiana. This small town in Indiana has a full day of interesting and very unique things to do and see. I’ve just been waiting for a chance to visit, and recently I had the opportunity.

Located towards the central west portion of Indiana, Crawfordsville is the perfect day trip from Indianapolis. In just over an hour, you’ll discover so many fun things to do!

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A jail that rotates?

Yep, Crawfordsville is home to the first rotating jail. It was built in the late 1800s and is only 1 of 3 rotary jails still standing. Even more astounding is that it is the only one still in existence that actually works.

When the jail was built, the premise was that it was extremely safe for the police. There was only one way in and out, so once a prisoner was locked into the jail, he could only exit through one door. Seems smart, right?

Rotary Jail Museum in Crawfordsville

Well, unfortunately, that also meant that it wasn’t particularly safe for the prisoners. If there was a fire or other disturbance there was no way to get them out efficiently. Another unforeseen but unfortunate aspect of the rotary jail was that it caused many amputations. Once the jail started spinning, it moved quickly enough that if a prisoner had an arm or leg outside the bars, it would be cut off before they even realized what was happening. Yuck.

Therefore, not too long after 18 of these jails were built, most were either torn down, taken out of use or renovated with individual access doors to each cell, and no rotating (as was Crawfordsville’s version). Luckily for us, the rotary jail in Crawfordsville was turned into a museum, AND it still works.

Rotary Jail

We began our tour checking out the connecting house which is where the sheriff and his family (if he had one) lived. It’s nicely restored with quite a few antiques and information about how the household members coexisted with the prisoners. Quite interesting on its own.

Then, we were able to explore the rotary jail itself. There are several floors to check out, and you are able to go into the cells to see what it feels like to be inside. After a self-guided tour, the docent came out to show us how the jail rotates as well as give us a bit more history. It was amazing how quickly it moved, with very little effort!

If you are looking for things to do in Crawfordsville, a visit to the Rotary Jail Museum should be high on your list just for the uniqueness of the jail alone!

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Next stop, General Lew Wallace Study & Museum

Once you’ve explored the Rotary Jail Museum, head over to the General Lew Wallace Study & Museum.

If you’ve ever read the book Ben Hur (super cheap on Kindle right now) – or more likely seen one of the movie adaptations, you might be somewhat familiar with General Lew Wallace. An interesting character, it turns out he was MUCH more than just the author of Ben Hur.

At the museum, you’ll start with a short movie that highlights his life that was quite impressive. He was a successful military man, artist, and musician. A true Renaissance man. The museum exhibit rotates regularly, and when we visited, the displays were mostly about his art. He was quite talented and it was interesting to see his work and learn a bit more about how and why he was so artistic.

General Lew Wallace Study in Crawfordsville, IN

After touring the museum, the docent will walk you over to the actual study. We were allowed to spend as much time inside as we’d like, and it has been preserved as closely as possible to how the General enjoyed it. It’s quite an amazing structure, and absolutely a wonderful place to work, rest, and study.

We also spent some time touring the grounds and imagining life as it was when General Lew Wallace and his family lived there.

Enjoy a break for lunch

Downtown Crawfordsville has a decent number of shops and restaurants to peruse. It is apparent the town is working hard to revitalize which I love to see happening to small towns in Indiana. We chose the highly rated (on Yelp) Maxine’s on Green.

A cute little sandwich place, Maxine’s had an excellent variety of sandwiches, wraps, and salads. It was hard to choose, but we ended up with the Turkey Bravo sandwich and the Apple & Blue Cheese wrap. I was especially delighted that fresh fruit is a side option.

Lunch at Maxine's on Green

Both sandwiches were tasty and filling – if the weather had been cooler, I would have been quite interested in trying out their soups – they sound delicious also!

Check out Wabash Campus

Also located in Crawfordsville is Wabash College. Founded in 1832 as a private men’s college, it’s just minutes from downtown. The setting is lovely with plenty of green space and wooded areas.

Although it’s a small college (less than 1000 students), it’s still fun to spend a bit of time exploring and imagining the local college experience. It is quite interesting to compare it to many of the large universities we’ve recently visited – especially since it’s a men’s college.

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End your day trip with a treat

On our way out of town, we decided to stop at the local coffee shop, The Joshua Cup. I was thrilled to find such a fabulous coffee shop in downtown Crawfordsville. The location is right downtown and had a few outdoor tables, but so much space inside. There were several levels of seating, so if you need a place to sit and work or study, The Joshua Cup would be ideal.

The Joshua Cup in Crawfordsville, IN

We decided to try the seasonal specialty, The Chumpkin. This is an iced pumpkin chai latte. It was absolutely amazing. It tasted like pumpkin pie in a cup, but way more refreshing. I was with my mom and we both commented that if we lived closer, we’d be indulging in this drink almost daily. It was that good. Definitely, the perfect way to end a fun-filled day.

So if you are looking for fun places to go in Indiana or just love visiting small towns that have lots of things to do, Crawfordsville, IN in Montgomery County has you covered!

Do you love day trips as much as I do? Where is the BEST one you’ve experienced lately?

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Looking for a great day trip from Indianapolis? With a rotating jail, famous author's study, tasty lunches and an EXCELLENT coffee shop, Crawfordsville, IN has plenty of things to do! #localtravel #daytrips #Indiana

Looking for a great day trip from Indianapolis? With a rotating jail, famous author's study, tasty lunches and an EXCELLENT coffee shop, Crawfordsville, IN has plenty of things to do! #localtravel #daytrips #Indiana

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  1. I’ve never heard of a rotating jail before. What an interesting concept. I love small towns and Crawfordsville, Indiana sounds like the perfect day trip!

  2. I have never heard of a rotating jail before! I can imagine how dangerous that would be! Yikes!
    Crawfordsville Indiana looks like a wonderful quaint small town. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Whoa! Never heard of a rotating jail before. I would hate to be the officer who had to clean up the mess of all the lost limbs! Yuck!

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