December 2012 and Year End Re-cap


Last update for 2012!  How did we do?

December goals 001

For the month of December, of course I’d like to focus on the holidays . . .

As far as annual goals, here is how 2012 ended:


  • Get Meal Planning e-course up and runningdone!  Check it out HERE – it’s a GREAT holiday stress reliever and GIFT
  • Finalize the “New You in the New Year” Group programdone!  Sign up starts December 17th, so get on the LIST
  • 2013 Blog/ Website plan – I have a rough outline in place, but need to finalize – lots of FUN ideas for next year, so be ready!!!
  • Create a Holiday e-bookdone – get it HERE if you haven’t already!


  • Monthly “dates” with each childcomplete – lots of fun memories!
  • Several mini-vacations – donetrip to Nashville over Fall Break and last weekend a trip to Chicago for the American Girl Tea with my daughter
  • Bi-monthly “date night” with hubby – okay – we did well in November, not so well in October – this one needs to be planned ahead of time to be successful I think!  Update for December – did a great job this month!


  • Join a local small group – haven’t found a good fit, but I’ve been participating in an online one – update for December, participating in another online one for 2013.
  • Clean house “drawer by drawer” – pretty dismal . . . odds are good this will be a 2013 goal – adding to 2013!
  • Do something creative each month!had some fun here – some craft projects with my kids, created photo books,created a few new recipes and done

I find this very interesting to review – I’m apparently very good at family things, but not so good at the things that exclude the kids.  I do a great job on creative projects, but my planning and organizing needs a little work.   Even if you don’t succeed with the goals you set, you can still learn a lot about where you can work a little harder the next year.  So, based upon my analysis, you’ll be seeing more in 2013 on the weaker areas!

How about you?  How did you do in 2012?  Are you ready for 2013?


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